Club special: a guide to clubs at this school

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[media-credit name=”Jacob Schwartz” align=”alignleft” width=”184″]Clubs' Day[/media-credit]

Seniors Michael Dinsmore and Veronica Ingram promote Mock Trial Monday in the cafeteria.

This special is a guide to clubs and organizations at this school. Monday, various clubs and organizations participated in Club Day in the cafeteria. Here you can read more about the various clubs and organizations offered at this school.

50 Cents to Save a Life

What: Students raise money to help people suffering from tropical diseases, such as hookworm and river blindness.
When: Thursday X-blocks.
Goal: “This year, we will be coming up with fundraising ideas like selling candy. We will also be working with the students who did the Darfur Concert last year to make neglected tropical diseases one of the causes that benefits from the concert,” said senior Diana Seldin, an officer.
Officers: Seldin and senior Kayla Wong.
Adviser: English teacher Nick Grant.
—Hilary Brumberg

Art Club

What: Students experiment with different drawing techniques.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 129.
Goal: “We want students who are not necessarily art majors to be able to express themselves creatively,” said senior Shoshana Stanger, an officer.
Officers: Stanger and junior Izzy Rosenblatt.
Adviser: Art teacher Shannon Slattery.
—Malini Gandhi

Asian Culture Club

What: Students engage in social activities during meetings. Each year, the club hosts Asian Culture Day and Asian Culture Night, a talent show with free food afterwards.
When: Monday X-blocks in 353.
Goal: “The goal of the Asian Culture Club is to raise awareness of Asian and Asian-American culture in our community,” said senior Joy Kang, an officer.
Officers: Kang, seniors Bonnie Chen, Young Guang, Rebecca Jereza and Tiffany Wong and junior Winnie Chen.
Advisers: English teachers Charlene Beh and Michele Leong.
—Cyrus Vaghar

Athletes Serving the Community

What: Students, non-athletes included, volunteer at different events in the community.
When: Time and location vary based on the events. There are no regular meetings.
Goal: “To help kids with no time find time to volunteer,” said senior Stephanie Brown, a president.
Officers: Brown and seniors Alessandra Denaro and Tim Kenslea.
Adviser: Parent Kim Boucher.
—Kayla Shore

Badminton Club

What: Students play badminton.
When: X-blocks in the SOA.
Goal: “We created it for people to play badminton and for occasional tournaments against other schools,” said senior Melody Tang, an officer.
Officers: Tang, senior Wendy Jamsri and junior Xin Yin Zhu.
Adviser: Math teacher Derek Hogan.
—Cyrus Vaghar

Black Leadership Advisory Council (B.L.A.C.)

What: Students of color and allies share experiences, discuss stereotypes, pursue academics through Peer Tutoring and college planning and prepare for B.L.A.C. Day.
When: Monday X-blocks in 350.
Goal: “To promote comfort of African Americans at this school and in the community and to provide a safe place to hang out,” said senior Robyn Estwick, the president.
Officers: Estwick and senior Michela Meaney, the vice president.
Adviser: English teacher Kim Parker.
—Malini Gandhi

Book Club

What: Each month, students read a book and meet to discuss it.
When: X-blocks monthly in the library.
Goal: “The goal of the club is to read awesome books, meet people with similar interests in other grades and have interesting discussions,” said freshman Annie Shriver, an officer.
Officers: Shriver and freshmen Kavish Gandhi, Rebecca Hurwitz and Becca Webster.
Adviser: Librarian Donna Johns.
—Hilary Brumberg

Cartooning Club

What: Students write and draw cartoons both individually and as a group.
When: Monday X-blocks in 322.
Goal: “To give students who love to draw and write cartoons the opportunity to share ideas and create cartoons together,” said sophomore Julia Moss, the officer.
Adviser: History teacher David Bedar.
—Perrin Stein

Chess Club

What: Students practice their chess skills.
When: Everyday after school until 4:30 in 325 or 350.
Goal: “To fulfill our motto by using strategy, knowledge, yielding, risk-taking, intelligence and moxy,” said senior Cameron Couch, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Janice Miller.
—Perrin Stein

Class of 2012

What: President and officers of the Class of 2012.
When: Wednesdays after school in Adams house.
Goal: “To represent the grade and incorporate everyone’s wishes and wants,” said senior Jon Paul Roby, the president.
Officers: Roby and vice presidents Stephanie Brown, Ben Hills, Brooke Stearns and Ivan Wolyniec.
Adviser: Special education teachers Nicole Franchi and Grace Niccolazo.
—Artem Aleksanyan

Class of 2013

What: President and officers of the Class of 2013.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “We are trying to have a successful year, academically, athletically and socially,” said junior Brian Goldfinger, the president.
Officers: Goldfinger and vice presidents Shelly Altman, John Hogan, Ryan Lucken and Mike Safran.
Advisers: English teachers Maureen Kaanaguh and Mary Palisoul.
—Asya Grozdanova

Class of 2014

What: President and officers of the Class of 2014.
When: X-blocks in A106.
Goal: “To make the Class of 2014 have the most fun-filled and enjoyable school year that we possibly can,” said sophomore Jared Perlo, the president.
Officers: Perlo and vice presidents Ben Galgano, Yankel Karasik, Freddie Pierce and Emma Tavolieri.
Advisers: P.E. teacher Courtney Albert and science teacher Jodie Cohen.
—Sam Jones

Class of 2015

What: President and officers of the Class of 2015.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “The goal of the Class of 2015 is to represent its class and to make positive contributions to its school and community,” said Beals housemaster Michelle Stauss.
Officers: Class elections will be held the next week.
Adviser: To be determined.
—Connor Vasu

Comic and Manga Club

What: Students explore and learn about Manga, a Japanese art style.
When: Monday X-blocks and Fridays after school in 363.
Goal: To give students an “outlet to appreciate some Manga films and readings,” said English teacher Wendy Richardson, the adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
—Douglas Abrams

Cooking Club

What: Students cook healthy foods and learn about cooking.
When: Thursdays until 4:30 in the international café.
Goal: “We want to meet people, cook and practice directions,” said senior Josh Kantar, the president.
Officers: Kantar and sophomore Nate Orlov, the vice president.
Adviser: Special education teacher Lisa Goldthwaite.
—Jacob Schwartz

Creative Writing Club

What: Students do writing activities and peer edit each other’s pieces.
When: Wednesdays after school in 355.
Goal: “It’s a wonderful environment in which to grow as a writer. We are always open to new members, especially freshmen,” said senior Abby Holtzman, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh.
—Isatou Marenah

Dance Club: Twisted Rumor

What: People gather to practice different dances, including belly dance, Latino and ballroom dance.
When: X-blocks in the dance studio.
Goal: “The goal is to inspire people to dance and to express themselves with their moves,” said junior Milena Petkova, an officer.
Officers: Petkova and senior Ralitza Petkova.
Advisers: English language learners teacher Deborah Jose.
—Asya Grozdanova

Debate Team

What: Students prepare for and participate in mock debates.
When: Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. and Thursday X-blocks in 270.
Goal: “To prepare students to be confident thinkers and speakers and to give those who have strong opinions a way to voice them,” said senior Abby Holtzman, an officer.
Officers: Holtzman and junior Jordan Ecker.
Adviser: English teacher Thomas Fabian.
—Douglas Abrams

Djembe Club

What: Students learn technique and rhythms of the djembe, a popular West African hand drum.
When: In 150 at a time to be determined.
Goal: “To create an interest in the djembe by having a community at this school,” according to senior Emmett Greenberg, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher and chief innovation officer Stephen Chinosi.
—Hilary Brumberg

Dreamfar High School Marathon Team

What: Students practice and train for the Providence Marathon.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately after school in 345. The time and location of the team’s meetings on Saturdays are to be determined.
Goal: “To take small steps and show discipline by responsibly training for and completing all 26.2 miles of the Providence Marathon,” said senior Manny Lopez, the officer.
Adviser: Teaching assistant Drew Pierce.
—Jonny Levenfeld

Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Club

What: Students listen to speakers talk about how to cope with dyslexia, and teachers learn about how to help dyslexic students.
When: Once a month in a location to be determined.
Goal: “We want to make it seem like they don’t have dyslexia,” said junior Ryan Lucken, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Nick Grant.
—Perrin Stein

Education for Empowerment

What: Students meet and hold fundraisers for foundations that help build schools for impoverished orphans.When: Thursday X-blocks monthly in a location to be determined.
Goal: “The goal is to raise money for poor children so that they can live comfortable lives and have equal opportunities,” said senior Fatema Zaidi, the president.
Adviser: History teacher Susan Wilkins.
—Kayla Shore

Environmental Club

What: Students discuss environmental issues and engage in projects aimed at helping the environment.
When: In 413 at a time to be determined.
Goal: “To make the school more eco-friendly,” said junior Zach Rosenof, an officer.
Officers: Rosenof, senior Thao Bach and juniors Jay Feinstein and Victoria Holland.
Adviser: Science teacher Ann Dannenberg.
—Perrin Stein

Fencing Club

What: Students learn to fence.
When: In the cafeteria at a time to be determined.
Goal: “To introduce students to fencing and possibly to compete against other school fencing teams,” said freshman Aris Vanderpool, an officer.
Officers: Vanderpool and freshman Douglas Friedberg.
Adviser: Latin teacher Elise Tuchmayer.
—Meredith Abrams

Film Club

What: Students watch and discuss films.
When: Fridays after school in 363.
Goal: “To introduce students to thought-provoking films as an art and to discuss social issues that may be dealt with in the fims,” said junior Owen Weitzman, an officer.
Officers: Weitzman, senior Sam Green, junior Alec Mapes-Frances and sophomores Mike Buonomo and Emmett McCleary.
Adviser: English teacher Wendy Richardson.
—Hilary Brumberg


What: Members meet to learn their music for upcoming a cappella concerts.
When: Sundays at 7:30 p.m.  at members’ homes. Auditions are Monday and Tuesday after school.
Goal: “To learn new music and to have fun singing together,” said senior Mira Netsky, an officer.
Officers: Netsky and seniors Pamela Chen and Melissa Weikart.
Adviser: Fine and performing arts department head Todd Young.
—Kayla Shore

French Club

What: Students learn about all aspects of French culture, including cuisine, games, films, music and language.
When: Monday X-blocks in the international café or 267.
Goal: “The purpose of the club is to enjoy French culture,” said senior Emmett Greenberg, an officer.
Officers: Greenberg and senior Steven Michael.
Adviser: French teacher Suzanne Putzeys.
—Hilary Brumberg

French Film Club

What: Students watch French films while enjoying food and relaxing.
When: In 267 at a time to be determined.
Goal: “To show people the awesomeness of French films and to have a good time,” said senior Rachel Adelsheim, an officer.
Officers: Adelsheim and senior Madeleine Parmenter.
Adviser: French teacher Suzanne Putzeys.
—Kayla Shore

Friday Afternoon Culture Society

What: Students watch “The Office.”
When: Fridays during third lunch in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To enjoy watching ‘The Office’ while having a good time eating pizza,” said senior Ellie Abbott, an officer.
Officers: Abbott and senior Will Spiro.
Adviser: Librarian and English teacher Kevin McGrath.
—SeungWan Kang

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

What: Students learn about business principles and try to develop business leadership skills through various activities, including community service and fundraising.
When: Monday or Thursday X-blocks in 319.
Goal: “To increase interest in business,” said senior Kevin Wu, a president.
Officers: Wu and seniors Ryan Chan, Tim Kenslea and Jordan Long.
Adviser: Business teacher Robert Kane.
—Hilary Brumberg

Gay-Straight Alliance

What: Students work to create a safe space for students of all sexual orientations.
When: Monday X-blocks in a location to be determined.
Goal: “The goal is primarily to promote inclusion and equal rights in a school environment and to make sure every student feels safe and equal,” said senior Abby Holtzman, an officer.
Officers: Holtzman and seniors Madeleine Aquilina, Yaelle Sarid-Segal and Miko Walsh.
Adviser: Math teacher Janice Lichtman.
—SeungWan Kang

Girls Learn International

What: Students learn about the challenges women around the world face in regards to education.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To educate as many people as possible about what we can do to help girls in other countries obtain the education that we take for granted,” said senior Katja Hamler, an officer.
Officers: Hamler, senior Cora Spillman and junior Devon Phinney.
Adviser: Math teacher Rachel Mingos.
—Amanda Hills

[media-credit name=”Jacob Schwartz” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Greengineering[/media-credit]

Sophomores Kristen McMillen and Emily Kern and senior Lida Richardson work during a greengineering class C-block. The greengineering club meets Thursday X-blocks in 148.

Greengineering Club

What: Students learn how to create environmentally friendly tools and products.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 148.
Goal: “Greengineering allows students to do hands on work on our core projects like biodiesel and fused bags without having to commit to the full class,” said senior Quinn Silva.
Officers: The club has leadership roles, but there are no formal officers.
Advisers:  Science teacher Matt Anderson and English teacher and chief innovation officer Stephen Chinosi.
—Connor Vasu

Guidance Aides

What: Upperclassmen meet freshmen, talk to them and help them transition into high school.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays in homeroom and occasionally X-blocks. Guidance aides are assigned to all freshman homerooms.
Goal: “To have the freshmen have a smooth transition from middle school to high school and answer any questions that they have,” said senior Emily Paley, an officer.
Officers: Paley and senior Jon Paul Roby.
Advisers: Counselors Christine Potter and Amanda Tsetsi.
—Jennie King

Help the Homeless Club

What: Students collect clothes, toys, books and food for the homeless, volunteer at a shelter and participate in the “Birthday Wishes” program to bring birthday parties to homeless children.
When: Monday X-blocks in 247.
Goal: “There are many homeless people in Boston, but many people don’t realize that there are local homeless people as well. We would like to reach out to the homeless in Newton and the surrounding areas in order to make a difference,” said junior Anna Golin, an officer.
Officers: Golin and junior Alicia Santiago.
Adviser: Spanish teacher Marla Glaskin.
—Malini Gandhi

Hiking Club

What: Students go on local hiking trips to places such as the Blue Hills, and students take an overnight trip to showshoe in the White Mountains.
When: In 429 at a time to be determined.
Goal: “We’re eager to get people of all hiking abilities interested and to explore the beautiful outdoors,” said sophomore Eliana Gevelber, the officer.
Adviser: Science teacher Ann Dannenberg.
––Julia Oran

H.O.P.E. Club

What: Students help to combat bullying, eating disorders and other issues teens face.
When: Wednesdays after school in 266.
Goal: “To raise awareness about issues that teens struggle with and how actions can unintentionally hurt people,” said junior Lynn Chou, the officer.
Adviser: French teacher Margot Murphy.
—David Kwartler

House Management

What: Students help set up before Theater Ink productions and act as ushers during shows.
When: One hour before Theatre Ink shows begin.
Goal: “To help students run the house smoothly on the night of a show,” said senior Katherine Norris, an officer.
Officers: Norris, senior Danielle Campbell, junior Kyle Hartman and sophomore Joyani Ghosh.
Adviser: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown.
—Jennie King

[media-credit name=”Maliha Ali” align=”alignright” width=”223″]Improv Club[/media-credit]

Seniors Graham Techler and Charlie Beers and junior Lily Brown practice during improv club, which meets Thursday X-blocks.

Improv Club

What: Students explore improvisational comedy and improve their comedic skills.
When: Thursday X-blocks in the little theatre.
Goal: “To teach kids to experiment with comedy who have never worked with it before,” said junior Sam Raby, a director.
Officers: Raby and senior Nicole Bunis.
Adviser: Jesse Appell, ’10
—Peter Diamond

Italian Club

What: Students learn about different aspects of the Italian culture.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 256.
Goal: “To learn more about Italy and to have fun trying new things,” said junior Maggie Amatucci, an officer.
Officers: Amatucci and junior Elianna Accomazzi.
Adviser: Italian teacher Maria Procopio-Demas.
—Amanda Hills

Japanese Film and Anime Club

What: Students watch Japanese movies and television shows.
When: Tuesdays until 4 and Thursday X-blocks in 363.
Goal: “This club gives people who already love anime a place to watch and discuss it. It also gives people who know little or none about the genre a chance to discover it,” said senior Melissa Levy, an officer.
Officers: Levy and seniors Rin Rogers and Enrique Villena.
Adviser: English teacher Wendy Richardson.
—Perrin Stein

Jewish Student Union

What: Students learn about and celebrate Jewish traditions.
When: Monday X-blocks in 355.
Goal: “We want to create an environment where students can come together to discuss and appreciate Jewish culture,” said junior Caroline Nunberg, a president.
Officers: Nunberg and senior Laurie Kamenetsky.
Adviser: Science teacher Tatiana Osipenko.
—Perrin Stein

Junior National Association for the Deaf

What: Students plan activities such as community service events and fundraisers.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 366.
Requirement: A knowledge of American Sign Language.
Goal: “To expand the program and to give back to the community through events such as Christmas donations and fundraisers,” said senior Reggie Joseph an officer.
Officers: Joseph, seniors Danayt Gafo and Neha Jain and junior Dominick Boyd.
Advisers: English and history teacher Erika Guarino and interpreter Marcia Gardiner.
—Gloria Li


What: Students work to construct a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition.
When: Until the season starts in January, the team meets Thursdays from 3:30 to 5, alternating between 139 and the woodshop at South.
Goal: “The goal of this club is to build a super robot that will defeat all opponents in the game of that year, but it’s mainly to have fun while doing something cool with robotics,” said senior Paige Grody, a captain.
Officers: Grody, juniors Evan Nitkin and Eli Sadovnik, South senior Ruth Allard and South sophomore Dan Ehrlich.
Advisers: IT specialist Phil Golando, robotics and engineering teacher Scott Rosenhahn, South science department head Charles Hurwit and South science teacher Jordan Kraus.
—Alex Feit

Math Team

What: Students practice complicated math problems and compete against other schools’ teams.
When: Wednesdays after school in 465.
Goal: “To learn new math and have fun doing it. We hope to inspire people to pursue more math outside of school,” said senior Caroline Ellison, the captain.
Adviser: Math teacher Elisse Ghitelman.
—Kristina Zagame


What: Students learn and rehearse a-cappella songs.
When: At least once a week in varying locations and at differing times.
Requirements: Applicants must fill out an audition packet and audition.
Goal: “To give all students who are interested a chance to participate in a performance group at this school,” said senior Rebecca Jereza, an officer.
Officers: Jereza, senior Alyssa Kaplan and junior Samantha Chan.
Adviser: Fine and performing arts department head Todd Young.
—Hilary Brumberg

Mentors in Violence Prevention

What: Meet to discuss issues like sexual harassment and to organize ways to share the club’s message with the school.
When: Thursday X-blocks in the film lecture hall.
Requirements: Interested students must apply and attend one training session.
Goal: “The goal of MVP is to inform students about critical issues that occur in and out of high schools,” said senior Emily Schacter, an officer.
Officers: Schacter and seniors Alessandra Denaro, Veronica Ingham and Alyssa Kaplan.
Adviser: Science teacher Albert Calderone.
—Perrin Stein

Microcredit Club

What: Students discuss ways to raise money and donate to a variety of countries.
When: Every other Thursday X-block in 133.
Goal: “To give loans to people who otherwise could not have been able to support themselves and start their own businesses,” said senior Hannah Schindler, an officer.
Officers: Schindler and senior Ilana Greenstein.
Adviser: History teacher Ty Vignone.
––Julia Oran


What: Students hold fundraisers and raise awareness about the sexual exploitation of children.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To bring teenagers together against the sexual exploitation of children,” said senior Rebecca Jereza, an officer.
Officers: Jereza and seniors Tiphaine Kugener and Diana Sapahnik.
Adviser: Math teacher Janice Lichtman.
––Julia Oran

Mock Trial

What: Students prepare for their roles as either lawyers or witnesses to compete in mock trials against other schools’ teams.
When: Wednesdays 7 to 9 p.m. in 253, from November to February.
Goal: “To learn about the law and also to prepare and to perform witness examinations,” said senior Michael Dinsmore, the president.
Adviser: Latin teacher David Hawkins.
—Leah Budson

Model U.N.

What: Students talk about current international issues and discuss foreign policy.
When: Thursdays 5 to 6  in the film lecture hall.
Goal: “To model the real U.N. where each member represents a country and talks about issues from his country’s perspectives,” said senior Gabe Dreyer, the secretary-general.
Officers: Dreyer and seniors Allie Phillips and Emily Schacter and junior Sage Vallabh are under secretary-generals.
Adviser: History teacher Gregory Drake.
—Liam Wilcox-Warren


What: Students work on this school’s yearbook.
When: After school in 275 beginning in November.
Goal: “To have students come together to produce this school’s yearbook at the end of the year,” said television production aide Amanda Mazzola, the adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
—Liam Wilcox-Warren


What: Students produce this school’s newspaper.
When: Every day after school in 273.
Goal: “The Newtonite is a way to represent student opinion and report news around the school and community,” said senior Ben Hills, an editor-in-chief.
Requirements: Students must take Journalism 1 to work on the writing staff, but anyone can help with the advertising sales, art, photography, the website and circulation.
Officers: Hills and juniors Hilary Brumberg and Perrin Stein are editors-in-chief.
Adviser: English teacher Kate Shaughnessy.
—Malini Gandhi

Nicaragua Club

What: Students think of ways to serve the community of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
When: X-blocks in 266.
Goal: “To serve the community of San Juan del Sur, this is mainly in the form of helping the local school system,” said senior Leo Simmons, an officer.
Officers: Simmons and senior Stephanie Brown
Adviser: French teacher Fiona Blyth.
—Naomi Cherenson

Orange Shield

What: Students organize community service events and fundraisers.
When: Every other Monday X-block in 453.
Goal: “To help people in the local community and to raise money for local causes,” said senior Jen Hamilton, the officer.
Adviser: Science teacher Michael Hazeltine.
—Ryan Condon

Paws Mediation

What: PAWS Mediators are trained students and faculty who are available to help mediate conflicts that arise between students and/or faculty.
When: PAWS training will take place during two days in November or December. Mediations happen on an as-needed basis.
Requirements: To attend a certification session.
Goal: “I hope that students become experienced at working in groups to resolve conflicts and to make effective compromises,” said senior Emma Rosenfield, an officer.
Officers: Rosenfield and senior Hunter Hedenberg.
Advisers: Counselors Kyra Bateman and Belma Johnson.
—Ryan Condon

Peer Mentoring

What: Students mentor peers who are new to this school, making their transition easier.
When: Meets once a term at a time and place to be determined.
Goal: “Peer Mentoring is a credited club for diverse and motivated students to show new students the school and to help them become acclimated,” said senior Rachel Adelsheim, the officer.
Requirements: Must attend an orientation at the beginning of the school year.
Adviser: Counselor Kyra Bateman.
—Nick Hansell

Peer Tutoring

What: Upperclassmen choose a subject that they would like to tutor to underclassmen in.
When: Starts at the beginning of October. Students participate during their free blocks.
Requirements: Students must complete an application, which can be obtained from Burke.
Goal: “Students get to interact with each other in a helpful and respectful learning
environment,” said math teacher Karly Burke, an adviser.
Advisers: Burke and math teacher Melissa Rice.
—Nick Hansell

Poetry Club

What: Students write and share poems.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 364.
Goal: “To have fun and express yourself through poems,” said senior Corey Hess-Mahan, an officer.
Officers: Hess-Mahan and senior Rachael Adelsheim.
Adviser: English teacher Michael Fieleke.
—Ryan Condon

Quidditch Club

What: Students practice and compete in Quidditch, a sport inspired by Harry Potter.
When: Mondays and Thursdays after X-block in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To have fun playing Quidditch and to get better as a team,” said sophomore Stefan Steenstrup, an officer.
Officers: Steenstrup and senior Cameron Couch.
Adviser: English teacher Nicholas Grant.
—Ryan Condon

Sailing Team

What: Students sail two different types of boats in the spring on the Charles River in Boston.
When: Every day after school at Community Boating. Students meet by the Main Entrance in order to carpool.
Goal: “The goal is to learn to sail and  to race against other teams,” said senior Veronica Ingham, an officer.
Officers: Ingham and senior Lillian Robinson.
Adviser: Scheduler Richard Ballou.
—Sam Jones

Science Team

What: Students compete in eight science competitions throughout the year.
When: The whole team meets Monday X-blocks in 425.
Goal: “To form a competitive team that represents Newton North,” said junior Daniel Shy, vice-president.
Officers: Shy is vice president and senior Cole Kerr is president.
Adviser: Science teacher Tatyana Osipenko.
—Peter Diamond

Ski and Snowboard Club

What: Students take weekend ski and snowboard trips throughout the winter.
When: The two trips this year will be sometime in January, February or early March.
Goal: “To provide the opportunity to ski and snowboard recreationally for students at this school. The club has existed for over 20 years, and it’s always given kids a chance to get to know each other,” said special education teacher Stephen Hess, the adviser.
Officers: Seniors Curren Ferry and Brooke Goldstone and junior Mark Vrahas.
—Julia Moss

Spanish Club

What: Students of all levels gather to practice speaking Spanish and to enjoy games and food.
When: Monday X-blocks in the international café.
Goal: “To provide a place to practice your Spanish and learn about culture,” said senior Sarah Bolden, an officer.
Officers: Bolden and senior Zlata Temkin.
Adviser: Spanish teacher Jose Sancho.
—Kayla Shore

Sportscasting Club

What: Students get the opportunity to broadcast and to announce at Tigers’ games.
When: In 260 and there are no regular meetings.
Goal: “To do sportscasting to get to cover this school’s games,” said English teacher Neil Giordano, the adviser.
—Kayla Shore

[media-credit name=”Jacob Schwartz” align=”alignright” width=”226″][/media-credit]

Senior Aaron Siegel works on the set for the upcoming Theatre Ink show, “Tartuffe.” Stage crew meets in 185 every day after school.

Stage Crew

What: Students work on lighting, sound and set design for Theatre Ink.
When: Every day after school in 185.
Goal: “To make settings for theatrical productions and to bring performances to life,” said junior Phoebe Arteaga, an officer.
Officers: Arteaga, senior Aaron Siegel and junior Amalia Sweet.
Adviser: Intro to Technical Theater teacher Michael Barrington-Haber
—Sonia Khurana

Students Against Destructive Decisions

What: Students work to fundraise and to raise awareness about the destructive decisions that some teenagers make.
When: X-blocks in 318.
Goal: “Our goal is to spread awareness and to create healthy classroom and social environments,” said junior Kyle Hartmann, the president.
Officers: Hartmann is the president and junior Victoria Holland is the vice president.
Adviser: To be determined.
—Sonia Khurana

Team P.A.C.T.

What: Students fundraise for cancer research foundations.
When: Every other Monday X-block in 421.
Goal: “To raise money for cancer recearch,” said senior Danielle Wasson, an officer.
Officers: Wasson and senior Hanna Stubblefield.
Adviser: Science teacher Brian Gagne.
—Kayla Shore

Theatre Ink

What: Students can act, work backstage, do makeup and costumes, stage manage and student produce for Theatre Ink productions.
When: Every day after school in the little theatre and the auditorium.
Goal: “To create the best student theatre we can,” said senior Katherine Norris, an officer.
Officers: Norris, senior Danielle Cambell, junior Kyle Hartmann and sophomore Joyani Ghosh.
Adviser: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown.
—Teresa Trias

Theatre Ink Costumes

What: Students work on creating all the clothing that appears on stage for every Theatre Ink show.
When: Every day after school in 179.
Goal: “To introduce students to the world of costuming and to allow students to use this unique outlet for their art,” said  sophomore Sophie Sokolov, an officer.
Officers: Sokolov and seniors Gabbi Morgenstern, Mary-Emma Searles and Gwendolyn Stoll.
Adviser: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown.
—Hilary Brumberg

Thought Prints

What: Students create and select submissions of fiction, art, and music to publish in this school’s literary magazine.
When: Sunday nights from 7 to 9 at editors’ houses.
Goal: “To bring student artwork and literature into the public eye and to showcase students talents,” said senior Madeleine Aquilina, the editor-in-chief.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano
—Teresa Trias

Tiger Friends

What: Students enjoy activities with students in the Connections program such as watching movies and playing outside.
When: Monday X-blocks in 313.
Goal: “To integrate the kids in the Connections program with mainstream Newton North students, giving everyone a chance to step outside their comfort zone by meeting new people,” said senior Haley Rosenberg, an officer.
Officers: Rosenberg and senior Jamie Ravech.
Adviser: Special education teacher Jodie Whidden.
—Kristina Zagame

Tiger Magazine

What: Students produce a 6 to 8 episode TV show that airs on NewTV.
When: Meets as a class C-block in 260.
Requirements: Students must be enrolled in Advanced Television Production or Television Production Level I.
Goal: “To produce great episodes of Tiger Magazine,” said senior Johnny Medlar, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano.
—Naomi Cherenson

Tutors in Action

What: Students walk to Cabot to tutor fifth graders, focusing mainly on math but also serving as friends and mentors.
When: Monday afternoons from 3 to 4 at Cabot.
Goal: “To help out the kids at Cabot in any way we can,” said senior Sarah Bajwa, the president.
Adviser: Counselor Darby Verre.
—Kayla Shore

[media-credit name=”Jacob Schwartz” align=”alignright” width=”189″]Ultimate Frisbee[/media-credit]

Junior Evan Zhao practices Ultimate Frisbee on the multi-purpose field with other members of the Ultimate team.

Ultimate Frisbee

What: Students practice Ultimate Frisbee  and prepare for competitions against other schools.
When: In the spring, every day after school at Burr.
Goal: “The goal of Ultimate Frisbee is to compete against other schools, place
well at States, and spread the game of Ultimate,” said junior Nick Roberts, an officer.
Officers: Roberts and senior Justin Wu.
Adviser: Science teacher Matt Anderson.
—Jonny Levenfeld

Water Polo Club

What: Students learn basic water polo techniques, execute basic drills and play water polo.
When: In the pool in the spring at a time to be determined.
Goal: “To get as many people interested in water polo as possible, develope basic skill of the game and have fun in the water,” said sophomore Irina Rojas, the officer.
Adviser: To be determined.
—Hilary Brumberg

Yako Connections

What: Students learn about the culture of Burkina Faso and raise money for school supplies for the village of Yako.
When: Monday X-blocks in 266.
Goal: “To broaden our horizons about the global community and to work with school systems that are less fortunate than ours,” said Fiona Blyth, the adviser.
—Artem Aleksanyan

Veteran’s History Project

What: Students videotape interviews with veterans of various wars and send them to the Library of Congress to be archived.When: In 312 at a time to be determined.
Goal: “Our goal is to get original war stories,” said junior Ian Wittrup, an officer.
Officers: Wittrup and juniors Chris D’Amore, Mike Gavris, Brian Goldfinger and Mike Sullivan.
Adviser: History teacher David Bedar.
—Hilary Brumberg