Column: Advancements in new school should be treasured

The Newtonite

by Ryan Condon and Amanda Hills
President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act in a joint session of Congress Thursday, Sept. 8.
This act is intended to lift the United States out of its continuous slump and start positive changes for this country.
Everybody was looking to find some hope in the president’s speech.
One part of the speech that brought optimism to Obama’s viewers was when he announced that the bill would restore decaying schools across the country.
“The American Jobs Act will repair and modernize at least 35,000 schools,” he said.
Now, here in Newton, we tend to be in our own bubble. The difficulties that other schools in this country are facing are hidden by our own school’s modernity.
While students at this school are enjoying the new building’s fresh paint, shiny floors and un-graffitied exterior, we often do not realize that students in a town right near us could be sitting in the middle of math class with the sound of a dripping pipe behind them.
Or that while we are in our Library Learning Commons utilizing just about the most advanced technology available to create an amazing class presentation, another student 1,000 miles away might be struggling to find basic supplies in his school’s art room.
The lack of sufficient materials many schools currently have to deal with is affecting their students. Students here do not always recognize the high caliber of our facilities.
Our school is the rare exception, with a plentiful array of resources that most schools are not lucky enough to have. We have the privilege and benefit of being able to spend our days in a top-notch school.
We are fortunate enough to have a variety of resources to help us with anything we need.
Students at this school have to realize that other schools in this country are not in as great shape as ours.
While the American Jobs Act might not cause such a drastic change in this school, it can make a huge difference in the learning environment for students elsewhere.