JV girls' volleyball defeats division leader

The Newtonite

by David Kwartler
JV volleyball ended its season on a strong foot, following a win against Barnstable. The 17-2 Tigers lost the first set but rallied to take down the volleyball team that has won 14 out of the last 25 Division State Championships, according to coach Jason Souza.
The Tigers have “many athletic freshmen new to volleyball, the best servers in our conference, and all of the players buy into playing as a team,” said Souza.
According to sophomore Tori Whitham, a captain with sophomores Kristen Copley, Megan Lyons-Dunkel, Sammy Marcus, Erin Phinney and Marisa Salvucci, the team’s success can be credited to “our amazing hitters, blockers and passers and our really good communication.”
Souza said, “I’m so proud of them.”