Tiger Question: What is the weirdest costume you have ever worn for Halloween?

The Newtonite

compiled by Jacob Gurvis

What is is the weirdest costume you have every worn for Halloween?

“I dressed up as a Soviet soldier. I wore a trench coat and had a fake rifle.”
— freshman Aaron Karasik
“I wore bright yellow Power Ranger costume in third grade.”
—freshman Jared Prior
“I was Donald Trump.”
—sophomore Bennett Kaplan
“Last year I was a pig in a blanket. I wore all pink and wrapped myself in a blanket.”
—sophomore Amelia Nicholas
“I was an Eskimo. It was a cold night, so I had to dress in something warm. I wore a big coat with a fur hood and I had a stuffed dog .”
—junior Roz Aronow
“I wore a Sumo wrestler costume.”
—junior Brendan Ruby
“I was a Christmas present. I had a big box, and I cut holes in it.”
—senior Jenny Casey
“I was a slice of pizza.”
—senior Madeline Murphy