Game: Tiger Trivia

The Newtonite

Can you name each famous tiger?

by Julia Moss
Example:  This tiger is a famous golfer. Answer: Tiger Woods
1. This tiger is a friend of Winnie the Pooh.
2. These tigers are a baseball team from Michigan.
3. This tiger-themed rock song was featured in the movie Rocky III.
4. This tiger is a 2005 computer operating system.
5. This tiger is one of the animals on the 12-year Chinese calendar.
6. This tiger is more than good, he’s great.
7. This tiger is the theme of a Newbery Medal winning childrens’ book.
8. This tiger-related expression is about something that seems as threatening as a tiger but is actually harmless.
9. This comic-book tiger is a friend of Calvin.
10. This tiger is found in the ocean.
1. Tigger the Tiger  2. Detroit Tigers  3. “Eye of the Tiger” 4. Mac OSX Tiger 5. Year of the Tiger 6. Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes Tiger) 7. Tiger Rising 8. Paper Tiger 9. Hobbes 10. Tiger shark