Students recognized as National Merit semifinalists

The Newtonite

by Samantha Libraty
Nine seniors were recognized as National Merit Scholarship semifinalists for their high scores on the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) last year, according to vice principal Midge Connolly.
Some semifinalists applied to become finalists in a process which includes writing essays and filling out an application. After a selection committee chooses finalists in January, they qualify for one of many awards and scholarships sponsored by colleges and corporate sponsors from around the country, as well as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s own funds, according to the National Merit website.
Seniors Giri Anand, Christina Chen, Jacob Fauman, Malini Gandhi, Winston Huang, Jonathan Kim, Tinayu Ma, Zachary Rosenof and Sejal Vallabh qualified as semifinalists.

All African-American students who take the PSAT are asked if they would like to apply for the National Achievement Scholarship, a competition created to “provide recognition for outstanding black American high school students,” according to the National Merit Scholarship website.

Senior Caroline Ayinon qualified as a semifinalist for the Achievement Scholarship Program. The process to become a finalist in the program is similar to the National Merit Scholarship process.

Connolly said, “The sheer number of students at this school who have received this honor just shows how dedicated the students are.

“Everyone who works here is so proud of these kids, and it shows how hard they have worked.”

All semifinalists at this school will be honored at a ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the International Café.