Sam Mayer creates recording studio

The Newtonite

[media-credit name=”Jacob Schwartz” align=”alignleft” width=”152″] Sam Mayer, the officer of the songwriting club, recruits new members during Club Day Thursday in the cafeteria.
by Peter Diamond
This year, junior Sam Mayer is opening a recording studio in the Library Learning Commons and is leading the songwriting club.
Recording studio
Mayer combined his interests in audio engineering and music to create the concept for a recording studio in the Library Learning Commons, he said.
“For the past few years I’ve been recording my own music in my basement and have been building a greater understanding and appreciation of audio engineering since,” he said.
Students will be able to use the studio to record their own music when equipment arrives in a few weeks, according to Mayer.
“The studio will be geared mainly towards recording live instruments and voice,” he said. “We can do podcasts, poems, spoken word, songs and so on.”
Chemistry teacher Brian Gagne offered to help students produce electronic music in the studio, said Mayer.
“Ultimately, we’re aiming to create a place where students, faculty and even members of the public can come record great sounding music without the expense or stress of a professional recording studio,” said Mayer.
According to Mayer, chief innovation officer Stephen Chinosi and English teacher and librarian Kevin McGrath have helped his project become a reality.
 Songwriting club
This year, Mayer is the officer of songwriting club, which Italian teacher David Master started last year.
“The club is designed to help share and spread the joy of songwriting to those new to the craft and to help those already writing to continue to learn about themselves and develop their individual voices and styles as songwriters,” he said.
Members will compose and revise original pieces.
“Each week, two members will bring in an original song and play it for the group,” said Mayer. “We will then discuss the songs, and the next week those same students will bring in and share a revised version of their songs based on the discussion.”
Mayer said he hopes to record club members’ compositions in the studio and to create opportunities for the musicians to perform their pieces live.
He explained that songwriting is a medium of self-expression that inspired his desire to lead this club.
“Songs are one of the most powerful ways you can send a message, and so songwriting is the art of effectively communicating through music and lyrics,” he said. “I find songwriting to be both a tremendously effective creative outlet and means of communication as well as a way to study and better understand oneself and therefore the rest of the world.”