UPDATED: Club special

The Newtonite

Friday, the Newtonite came out with a print club special, a guide to clubs and organizations at this school. Here you can read an updated list of the various clubs and organizations offered at this school and view photographs of Club Day, which was Thursday in the cafteria.

Animal Rights Club

What: Students brainstorm and participate in volunteer-based projects.
When: Fridays after school in 324.
Goal: “To enrich the lives of animals through various projects, such as volunteering and awareness campaigns,” said sophomore Sarina Wolfe, an officer.
Officers: Wolfe and sophomore Melissa Mark.
Adviser: History teacher Leah Morelli.
––Perrin Stein

Art Club

What: Students experiment with a variety of types of art.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 129.
Goal: “We want to encourage students to explore their creativity and provide the tools for them to do so,” said senior Ellen Adams, an officer.
Officers: Adams and seniors Julie Joyce and Izzy Rosenblatt.
Adviser: Art teacher Shannon Slattery.
––Rachel Sturges

Asian Culture Club

What: Students celebrate Asian culture through food and entertainment.
When: Monday X-blocks in the international café.
Goal: “To promote cultural acceptance and to provide a safe and welcoming place for people to learn about Asian culture,” said senior Jamie Chan, an officer.
Officers: Chan, seniors Winnie Chen, Jonny Long and Joie Tsang and juniors Calvin Kwong and Sam Su.
Advisers: English teachers Charlene Beh and Michele Leong.
––Meriel Hennessey
Athletes Serving the Community
What: Students volunteer for organizations such as the Special Olympics and Christmas in the City.
When: Time and location vary based on the event. There are no regular meetings.
Goal: “To give students who are crunched for time an opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. However, everybody can help out as much as they want because we volunteer at around 22 different events each year,” said senior Kris Labovitch, the president.
Adviser: Parent Kim Boucher.
––Elena Schwartz

Badminton Club

What: Members work to improve their badminton skills.
When: Monday and Thursday X-blocks in the SOA.
Goal: “To spread badminton as a sport,” said senior Xinyin Zhu, an officer.
Officers: Zhu and junior Karen Fan.
Adviser: Math teacher Derek Hogan.
––Perrin Stein

Black Leadership Advisory Council

What: Students of color and allies share experience and discuss stereotypes.
When: Monday X-blocks in 350.
Goal: “To encourage black students to get involved in their community and break racial barriers,” said freshman Saria White, a member.
Officers: To be determined.
Adviser: English teacher Peter Goddard.
––Camille Bowman

Boxing Club

What: Students learn a variety of types of boxing.
When: X-blocks at Nonantum Boxing Club.
Goal: “To teach kids the finer points of boxing, including working out and self defense,” said junior Roni Milgrom, an officer.
Officers: Milgrom and junior Matt Camilli.
Adviser: Central High School teachers Nico Gargaro and Jason Riffe.
––Perrin Stein

Book Club

What: Students read and discuss books of all genres.
When: Once a month in the Library Learning Commons.
Goal: “To encourage members to read and discuss books, while also having fun and making new friends,” said sophomore Annie Shriver, an officer.
Officers: Shriver and sophomores Kavish Gandhi and Daniel Ruttenburg.
Adviser: Librarian Donna Johns.
––Rachel Shnitman

Class of 2013

What: Students plan events, such as senior prom, for the Class of 2013.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To unite the class,” said Mike Safran, the president.
Officers: Safran and vice presidents Shelly Altman, Madison Beatrice, John Hogan, Ryan Lucken and Kristian Sumner.
Advisers: English teachers Maureen Kavanaugh and Mary Palisoul.
––Sean Vasquez-Solis

Class of 2014

What: President and officers plan events and raise money for the Class of 2014.
When: Thursdays before school in the cafeteria.
Goal: “To raise money for and plan the junior prom,” said Lizzie Reid, the class president.
Officers: Reid and vice presidents Jack Boucher, Ben Galgano, Caroline LaFleche, Jared Perlo and Emma Tavolieri.
Adviser: Science teacher Jodie Cohen.
––Jonny Curhan

Class of 2015

What: Students plan and raise money for prom and other class events.
When: D-blocks during second lunch in the Beals House office.
Goal: “To make sure our class leaves a positive impact on our school,” said Liv Berlin, a vice president.
Officers: Berlin, president Maddie Irwin and vice presidents Micah Cawthorne, Bali Connors and Maddie Maloney.
Advisers: Television production aide Amanda Mazzola and history teacher David Bedar.

Class of 2016

What: President and officers plan events and fundraise for the Class of 2016.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To make sure freshmen get to know the school and each other and to raise money for class events and activities,” said pilot aide Michelle Kennedy.
Officers: Class elections are Tuesday, Oct. 9.
Advisers: Kennedy and Pilot aide Liz Rosen.
––Peter Sheen

Comic and Manga Club

What: Read, draw and discuss manga cartoons and Japanese culture.
When: Monday X-blocks and Fridays after school in 363.
Goal: “To expose members to the world of manga, its art style and Japanese culture,” said junior Kelly Zhang, an officer.
Officers: Zhang and junior Zachary Wolyniec.
Adviser: English teacher Wendy Richardson.
––Hilary Brumberg

Computer Club

What: Students collaborate, learn and share computer graphics.
When: X-blocks in 138A.
Goal: “To have a cool and fun place for people to learn about computer graphics,” said senior Benji Smith, the officer.
Adviser: Robotics and engineering teacher Scott Rosenhahn.
––Hilary Brumberg

Cooking Club

What: Students learn how to cook and promote healthy eating habits.
When: Thursday X-blocks in A103.
Goal: “To teach high schoolers not only about cooking, but also managing a budget and other valuable real life skills in a fun and happy environment,” said special education teacher Lisa Goldthwaite, the adviser.
Officers: Phillip Jasset ’12 and Jennifer Lehman ’12.
––Maddie Griswold

Creative Writing Club

What: Students use prompts and activities to improve their writing skills.
When: Wednesdays after school in 368.
Goal: “To offer a relaxed space where student writers can grow creatively,” said sophomore Molly Dalzell, an officer.
Officers: Dalzell, junior Lauren Roskosz and sophomore Leah Budson.
Adviser:  English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh.
—Douglas Abrams

Dance Club: Twisted Rumor

What: Students gather to learn different styles of dance, including belly dancing, Latin and ballroom dancing.
When: Monday and Thursday X-blocks in the dance studio.
Goal: “To inspire more people to dance and speak their mind in the way that they move,” said senior Milena Petkova, the officer.
Adviser: English language learners teacher Deborah José.
––Tylla Campbell

Debate Team

What: Students prepare for local and national debate tournaments.
When: Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in 270.
Goal: “To improve results from last year and maybe win a national tournament,” said senior Jordan Ecker, an officer.
Officers: Ecker and senior Zach Rosenof.
Adviser: English teacher Tom Fabian.
––Isaiah Blakely

Dreamfar High School Marathon Team

What: Students prepare for the Providence Marathon, which is held annually in May.
When: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in 345 and Saturday mornings at Brookline.
Goal: “To have everyone involved in the program complete the Providence Marathon,” said senior Meagen King, the officer.
Advisers: English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh and special education teacher Drew Pierce.
––Jacob Gurvis

Dungeons and Dragons

What: Students play Dungeons and Dragons, a roleplaying game involving challenges dictated by the Dungeon Master.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 415.
Goal: “To give students a fun way to escape from their school lives,” said junior Misha Goncharuk, the officer.
Adviser: Science teacher Jo-Ann Purdy.
––Perrin Stein

Environmental Club

What: Students work on projects to help the environment and talk about environmental issues.
When: Mondays and Wednesdays after school in a room to be determined.
Goal: “We’re basically just trying to raise awareness about the environment throughout the school,” said senior Victoria Holland, an officer.
Officers: Holland and senior Jay Feinstein.
Adviser: To be determined.
––Kirk Stuart

Fashion for a Cause

What: Prepare for and put on an annual fashion show to raise money for various charities.
When: Monday X-blocks in 428.
Goal: “To have a creative fashion outlet, to have fun and to raise money for worthwhile charities,” said junior Jenny Cronin, an officer.
Officers: Cronin and juniors Katie Bubelo, Jason Lob, Paroma Mallick and Paulina Rozenberg.
Adviser: Science teacher Shu-Yee Chen.
––Hilary Brumberg

Fencing Club

What: Students learn to fence.
When: Wednesdays after school in the cafeteria.
Goal: “To try to teach kids about fencing because it is an underrated sport, and we want more people to know about it,” said sophomore Aris Bandercool, the officer.
Adviser: Latin teacher Elise Goodman Tuchmayer.
––Andrew Mannix

Fiction Club

What: Students read books, watch movies and discuss literature and pop culture.
When: Monday X-blocks in 312.
Goal: “To use the discussion of relevant social issues as a jumping off point to encourage social activism,” said junior Gina Ferolito, an officer.
Officers: Ferolito and juniors Adina Kruskal and Liza Layer.
Adviser: History teacher David Bedar.
––Leah Budson

Film Club

What: Students watch and discuss films.
When: Fridays after school in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To explore the schematic elements of films, to understand what the film is trying to suggest and why the film was made,” said senior Owen Weitzman, an officer.
Officers: Weitzman, senior Alec Mapes-Frances and junior Emmett McCleary.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano.
––Adam Rabinowitz


What: Students sing together and prepare for concerts in this all-female a capella group.
When: Sunday nights from 7 to 9 at a member’s house.
Goal: “To bring girls, who may not know each other, together to make beautiful music with our voices and make new friends,” said senior Lexi Dissanayake, an officer.
Officers: Dissanayake and seniors Kira Liu and Katherine Swager.
Adviser: Fine Arts department head Todd Young.
––Max Kozlov

French Club

What: Students practice French, watch French movies, eat French food and have fun getting to know other French students.
When: Monday X-blocks in 267.
Goal: “To create a safe environment where people can explore French culture without too much of a time commitment,” said senior Lynn Chou, an officer.
Officers: Chou and senior Audrey Derobert
Adviser: French Teacher Suzanne Putzeys.
––Perrin Stein

Friday Afternoon Culture Society

What: Students eat pizza and watch the previous night’s episode of “The Office.”
When: Fridays during third lunch in classroom A of the Library Learning Commons.
Goal: “To entertain students,” said junior Henry DeGroot, an officer.
Officers: DeGroot and junior Max Brandl.
Adviser: Librarian and English teacher Kevin McGrath.
––Perrin Stein

Future Business Leaders of America

What: Students split into groups with different tasks, including marketing, financing and finding sponsors for events.
When: X-blocks in 319.
Goal: “To create and execute business plans for different types of fundraisers or community service events with students learning through experience instead of from a book,” said senior Frank Donato, an officer.
Officers: Donato and senior Adrian Alonso-Tavera.
Adviser: Business teacher Robert Kane.
––Leah Budson

Future Doctors and Nurses of America

What: Students visit hospitals, fundraise for toy drives and listen to guest speakers from the medical field.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 213.
Goal: “To put students interested in going into the medical field on the right track for medical school,” said junior Melisa Joseph, an officer.
Officers: Joseph, junior Rachel Ng and freshman Gina Joseph.
Adviser: Special education teacher Jane Kenslea.
––David Kwartler

Gay-Straight Alliance

What: Students discuss current issues as well as personal topics in a safe, accepting environment of all genders and sexualities and organize activism events.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 242.
Goal: “We want people to understand that the GSA is not just for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer and asexual, but for anybody who is willing to learn, be supportive and have fun,” said senior Amelia Goldstein, an officer.
Officers: Goldstein and sophomore Leah Budson.
Adviser: Spanish teacher Daniel Fabrizio.
––Bella Rao

Girls Achieving Leadership and Service Club

What: Students do service projects and participate in discussions about contemporary issues that affect girls.
When: Monday X-blocks in the Library Learning Commons.
Goal: “To provide a safe discussion space in which girls can receive support and realize that they are not the only ones going through their personal issues. Through these discussions and service work, we hope to improve the leadership, confidence and supportive nature of the girl community at North,” said junior Molly Strange, an officer.
Officers: Strange and junior Charlotte Seaman.
Adviser: English teacher Mary Palisoul.
––Perrin Stein

Girls Learn International

What: Students learn about challenges females face regarding the protection of their basic rights.
When: X-blocks in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To raise at least $500 to send to our sister school in Africa,” said senior Madeline Murphy, an officer.
Officers: Murphy and senior Devon Phinney.
Adviser: Math teacher Rachel Mingos.
––Perrin Stein

Girls Ultimate Frisbee

What: Students practice Ultimate Frisbee and compete against other schools in the area.
When: Every day after school on the multi-purpose field starting in March.
Goal: “To create a friendly, nice atmosphere for playing a fun sport,” said junior Pascale Froehlich, an officer.
Officers: Froehlich, senior Yarden Gavish and junior Philippine Kugener.
Advisers: Science teacher Matt Anderson.
––Hilary Brumberg

Greengineering Club

What: Students work to find new solutions to world issues.
When: Fridays after school in 148.
Goal: “To introduce students to sustainability in a way to foster independent research and initiative,” said senior Benji Smith, the officer.
Advisers: Science teacher Matt Anderson and English teacher Steve Chinosi.
––Jackson Wade

Guidance Aides

What: Students work in freshman homerooms, assisting teachers, answering questions about the school and facilitating community-building activities.
When: During semester I, guidance aides attend freshman homerooms Tuesdays and Thursdays. In Term III, guidance aides go to their assigned freshman homeroom Tuesdays. In Term IV, guidance aides do not attend freshman homerooms.
Goal: “To help freshmen transition into the new school with help from older students who already went through the same thing,” said senior Ezekial Francisco, a current member.
Requirements: In the spring, students interested in becoming guidance aides for the following fall must fill out an application.
Adviser: Guidance counselor Christine Potter.
––Rachel Sturges

Help the Homeless Club

What: Students provide meals and other supplies to people in need.
When: To be determined in 249.
Goal: “To bring necessities to people in need,” said senior Anna Golin.
Officers: Golin and senior Alicia Santiago.
Adviser: Spanish teacher Marla Glaskin.
––Meriel Hennessey

Hiking Club

What: Students hike, kayak and snorkel in local areas.
When: Students meet at the theatre entrance on some weekend mornings and travel by bus to various outdoor activities.
Goal: “To provide opportunities for students to get out on the trail,” said junior Jesse Metzger.
Officers: Metzger and junior Eliana Gevelber.
Adviser: Science teacher Ann Dannenberg.
––Elena Schwartz

H.O.P.E Club

What: Students learn about and raise awareness for teen issues.
When: Wednesdays after school in the college and career center.
Goal: “To raise awareness for teen issues, to help the community in any way we can and to help make North a more informed and welcoming environment,” said senior Jen DelGrande, an officer.
Officers: DelGrande and senior Lynn Chou
Adviser: Guidance counselor Kyra Bateman.
––Linnea Hartwick

House Management

What: Students set up and run ticket sales for Theatre Ink productions.
When: Students meet an hour before each show begins.
Goal: “To make sure everyone is happy and comfortable and that the show runs smoothly,” said junior Joyani Ghosh, a student producer.
Officers: Ghosh, seniors Kyle Hartman and Shereen Sodder and junior Sarah Nemetz.
Adviser: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown.
––Rachel Shnitman

Improv Club

What: Students participate in games to strengthen their improv skills.
When: Monday and Thursday X-blocks in the little theatre.
Goal: “We are helping kids, in any setting, be more confident with thinking on their feet,” said senior Nick Rodriguez, an officer.
Officers: Rodriguez, senior Sam Raby and sophomore Elena Rodriguez.
Advisers: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown and Holly Tarnower ’07.
––Camille Bowman

Investment Club

What: Students raise funds in order to invest assets in the stock market.
When: At a time and in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To learn about the stock market, to host a stock market competition at this school and to participate in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge in Boston,” said senior Nick Mariano, an officer.
Officers: Mariano and senior Jonah Schumer.
Adviser: Business teacher Robert Kane.
––Perrin Stein

Italian Club

What: Students talk about Italian culture, cook food, watch movies and listen to Italian music.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 256.
Goal: “To expose students to Italian culture through discussions and food,” said senior Eliana Accomazzi, an officer.
Officers: Accomazzi and seniors Maggie Amatucci and Emma Schertz.
Adviser: Italian teacher Maria Procopio-Demas.
––Sean Vasquez-Solis

Japanese Film and Anime Club

What: Students watch Japanese movies and television shows and fundraise for a trip to the annual Anime Boston convention.
When: Tuesday until 4 and Thursday X-blocks in 363.
Goal: “To watch anime and to share it with anyone who wants to watch with us,” said junior Eric Halin, an officer.
Officers: Halin and junior Ned Martenis
Adviser: English teacher Wendy Richardson.
––Hilary Brumberg

Jewish Student Union

What: Students learn about Judaism and Jewish culture through games, discussions and food.
When: Monday X-blocks in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To have a place to bring Jewish teens together,” said senior Caroline Nunberg, an officer.
Officers: Nunberg and senior Jordan Robins.
Adviser: To be determined.
––Jonny Curhan

Ligerbots Team

What: Students from this school and South work to construct a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition.
When: Thursdays after X-block until 5 in 128.
Goal: “Each year, we compete in a different challenge created by FIRST against teams from around the world,” said senior Evan Nitkin, an officer.
Officers: Nitkin, senior Eli Sadovnik and South senior Leanora McVittie.
Adviser: South science department Charles Hurwitz.
––Peter Sheen

Math Team

What: Students practice math problems and concepts for competitions.
When: Wednesdays after school in 465.
Goal: “To celebrate the love of mathematics,” said senior Christina Chen, the officer.
Adviser: Math teacher Elisse Ghitelman.
––Khloe Webb


What: Students improve their singing abilities through singing a capella.
When: Saturdays at a time and in a location to be determined.
Goal: “Everyone in Melocotones should have fun singing and sounding good while also meeting new people, challenging themselves by trying new things and stretching their comfort zone because that is something I think is important for any human, no matter what age,” said senior Samantha Chan, an officer.
Officers: Chan and senior Tara Cabache.
Adviser: Fine and performing arts department head Todd Young.
––Max Kozlov

Mentors in Violence Prevention

What: Members discuss issues such as sexual harassment, gender stereotypes and bullying.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 350.
Goal: “To spread awareness of these subjects to the school community,” said senior Andy Frank, an officer.
Officers: Frank and seniors Michael Denaro and Frank Donato.
Adviser: English teacher Janice Miller.
––David Kwartler

Microcredit Club

What: Students raise money through bake and craft sales and then loan the money they raise to entrepreneurs in third-world countries.
When: Every other Monday X-block in the college and career center.
Goal: “To get the student body excited about and involved in our efforts so that we can continue to be of aid to entrepreneurs with our generous loans,” said senior Danielle Handler, an officer.
Officers: Handler and sophomore Anna Ellison.
Adviser: History and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone.
––Leah Budson

Mock Trial

What: Students act as lawyers and witnesses in mock cases against other schools.
When: Wednesday nights in a location to be determined.
Goal: “To have fun debating as lawyers and acting as witnesses, while learning about the procedures of real-life court trials,” said sophomore SeungWan Kang.
Officers: Kang and junior Sasha Kliger.
Adviser: History teacher John Fitzgerald.
––Leah Budson

Model United Nations

What: Students represent United Nations member states to debate current and historical issues. Students delegates attend conferences in which they debate against students from other high schools.
When: Thursdays from 5 to 6 in the film lecture hall.
Goal: “To have a successful conference season and to really get new members involved in club meetings,” said senior Sejal Vallabh, the secretary general.
Officers: Vallabh and seniors Gloria Li and juniors Amiya Seligman and Riley Heiman are the under-secretary generals.
Adviser: History teacher Gregory Drake.
––Bella Rao


What: Students create this school’s yearbook, which includes photos of students, faculty and the community.
Goal: “To produce a yearbook that all of the Newton North community can enjoy,” said television production aide Amanda Mazzola, the adviser.
When: Tuesdays third lunch and Thursday X-blocks.
Officers: To be determined.
––Isaiah Blakely


What: Students produce this school’s official daily online news source and create three print specials annually.
Goal: “To serve as a forum for student opinion, to inform the school community about events and programs at this school and to entertain our readers,” said senior Jay Feinstein, an editor in chief.
Officers: Feinstein and seniors Hilary Brumberg and Perrin Stein are editors in chief.
Advisers: English teachers Tom Fabian and Derek Knapp and television production aide Amanda Mazzola.
––Naomi Cherenson

Nicaragua Club

What: Students think of ways to serve the community of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
When: Monday X-blocks in 266.
Goal: “To serve the community of San Juan de Sur,” said senior Christine Raymond, an officer.
Officers: Raymond and seniors Caroline Noble and Bella Rao.
Adviser: French teacher Fiona Blyth.
––Tylla Campbell

Northern Lights

What: Students sing a capella music and prepare sets for concerts and competitions.
When: Sunday nights from 7 to 9 at a member’s house.
Goal: “To make people feel like their ears are full of rainbows and smiles,” said senior Madeline Murphy, an officer.
Officers: Murphy and senior Sam McCall.
Adviser: Guidance counsler Matthew Ford.
–Jay Feinstein

Nutrition Club

What: Students organize events, such as healthy cooking demostrations and nutrition fairs, in order to educate the local community about nutrition-related topics.
When: Meetings vary depending on members’ schedules.
Goal: “To spread the benefits of healthful, conscious eating to our high school and the greater Newton community,” said senior Ari Appel, an officer.
Officers: Appel and senior Lynn Chou.
Adviser: French teacher Margot Murphy.
–Perrin Stein

 PAWS Mediation

What: Peer Mediators are trained students and faculty who help mediate conflicts that arise between students and/or faculty.
When: Twice a term during X-block at a time and date to be determined. Frequency varies based on mediations.
Goal: “To help students and faculty strengthen their ability to be effective mediators and help students work out difficult situations when they arise,” said guidance counselor Kyra Bateman, an adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
Advisers: Bateman and guidance counselor Belma Johnson.
––Jacob Gurvis

Peer Mentoring

What: Students serve as school ambassadors to guide new and visiting students around the school.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To help new and visiting students feel comfortable and welcome,” said guidance counselor Kyra Bateman, the adviser.
––Kirk Stuart

Peer Tutoring

What: Upperclassmen tutor underclassmen in a specific subject.
When: Students participate during their free blocks or study halls.
Goal: “To give the tutees more confidence and the ability to succeed in what they do,” said junior Dan Elson-Rooney, a peer tutor.
Requirements: Tutors must apply and complete training.
Advisers: Math teachers Karly Burke and Melissa Rice.
––Adam Rabinowitz

Poetry Club

What: A relaxed environment for students to write poetry and work on a blog.
When: Tuesdays after school in 363.
Goal: “To create a fun, relaxed club where students can explore and write poetry,” said sophomore Molly Dalzell, an officer.
Officers: Dalzell and sophomore Leah Budson.
Adviser: English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh.
––Peter Diamond

Russian Club

What: Students learn about Russian culture by celebrating Russian holidays, watch Russian movies and read Russian books.
When: Fridays after school until 4.
Goal: “To celebrate and learn about Russian culture,” said senior Victoria Pikul, an officer.
Officers: Pikul and freshman Afanasy Prokhorov.
Adviser: Science teacher Tatyana Osipenko.
––Perrin Stein

Sailing Team

What: Students compete in sailing races against other high schools.
When: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school in the spring at Community Boating in Boston.
Goal: “To keep up the good work and sail fast,” said senior Anna Golin, a captain.
Officers: Golin and senior Eve Szerlip are captains.
Adviser: History department head Jonathan Bassett.
––Jay Feinstein

Save the Congo Club

What: Student raise funds to aid the Congolese people.
When: Monday X-blocks in 364.
Goal: “To raise awareness and educate others about the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” said senior Andy Frank, an officer.
Officers: Frank and seniors Xavier Cullere, Alex Marzilli and Andrew Xue.
Adviser: English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh.
—Perrin Stein

Science Team

What: Students work together to prepare for various science competitions.
When: Wednesdays after school in a location to be determined. There is an informational meeting Wednesday after school in 473.
Goal: “To create interest and passion about science outside of the classroom,” said senior Giri Anand, the vice president.
Officers: Anand and senior Gloria Li, the president.
Adviser: Science department head Amy Winston.
––Max Kozlov

SciINIT Club

What: Students travel to nearby elementary schools to teach kids about science through demonstrations and hands-on activities, including baking soda volcanoes and potato batteries.
When: There is an informational meeting Wednesday after school in 425. Future meeting locations and times will be determined then.
Goal: “To give everyone in the community the opportunity to experience and learn science in a fun way,” said junior Ying Gao.
Officers: Gao and senior Gloria Li.
Adviser: To be determined.
––Perrin Stein

Skateboard Club

What: Students share their passion for skateboarding, learn to skate and design and build their own skateboard decks and graphics.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 124.
Goal: “To have fun and to get creative,” said junior Josh Gluck, an officer.
Officers: Gluck and junior Dylan Ansel-Kelly.
Adviser: Art and photography teacher Tom MacIntyre
—Perrin Stein

Ski and Snowboard Club

What: Students go on weekend trips to ski and snowboarding resorts.
When: There are two annual trips, usually in January and February.
Goal: “To get as many kids as possible because the more kids the better the trip,” said senior Michael Denaro.
Adviser: Special education teacher Stephen Hess.
––Andrew Mannix

Songwriting Club

What: Students create, revise and discuss their original songs.
When: Thursday X-blocks in the Library Learning Commons.
Goal: “To introduce new members to the art of songwriting and to become familiar with common song structures, different styles of lyricism and learn basic music theory,” said junior Sam Mayer, the officer.
Adviser: Chief innovation officer Steven Chinosi.
––Perrin Stein

Squash Club

What: Students learn squash with the help of a professional coach and will eventually compete against other schools.
When: Times depend on court availability but will usually be at 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. during the school week at the Harvard Murr Center.
Goals: “To have enough participation and interest that we will be able to become a sport in a couple years,” said sophomore Fiona Ross.
Officers: Ross and sophomore Taylor Lord.
Adviser: To be determined.
––Perrin Stein

Stage Crew

What: Students are responsible for the design and execution of the sound, set and lights for all Theatre Ink productions.
When: Every day after school in 185.
Goal: “To provide the technical aspects that are necessary to support the vision of a show, as well as to provide its members with an opportunity to get involved in theatre and learn about the field of technical theatre,” said senior Amalia Sweet, a student technical director.
Officers: Sweet and junior Max Proskauer.
Adviser: Intro to Technical Theatre teacher Michael Barrington-Haber.
––Charlie Rao

Students For Joe Kennedy

What: Students volunteer for Joe Kennedy, a congressional candidate in Massachusetts’ Fourth District.
When: To be determined.
Goals: “To organize Newton North volunteers for Joe and to help Joe win his election,” said junior Henry DeGroot, an officer.
Officers: DeGroot and seniors Jordan Ecker and Kristian Lundberg.
Adviser: History and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone.
––Jacob Schwartz

Team P.A.C.T.

What: Students raise money for cancer research foundations.
When: Thursdays X-block in 458.
Goal: “To raise money for cancer research and raise awareness of cancer,” said senior Kristian Sumner, an officer.
Officers: Sumner and junior Amber Poirer.
Adviser: Science teacher Brian Gagne.
––David Kwartler

Television and Film Production Club

What: Produce monthly episodes of Tiger Tube to be aired on NewTV.
When: Every day after school in 260 and 262.
Goal: “To learn about film production and eventually produce one episode of Tiger Tube a month,” said senior Johnny Medlar, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano.
––Hilary Brumberg

Theatre Ink

What: Students work to produce 12-13 theatre productions annually.
When: Every day after school in the little theatre and the auditorium.
Goal: “Theatre Ink is a teaching and working theatre whose goal is to put on a good show and give opportunity to people who are interested,” said senior Sam Raby, a student director.
Adviser: Theatre Ink director Adam Brown.
––Max Kozlov

Theater Ink Costumes

What: Students design and create all the clothing that appears in each Theatre Ink production.
When: Every day after school from 5 to 6.
Goal: “To create beautiful, authentic costumes and to foster an environment of learning,” said junior Sophie Sokolov, the officer.
Adviser: Costumes coordinator Ruth Talvaccia.
—Douglas Abrams

Theories Club

What: Students discuss ethical dilemmas that currently affect the world.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 364.
Goal: “To explore issues facing our world,” said senior Andy Frank, an officer.
Officers: Frank and seniors Xavier Cullere and Andrew Xue.
Adviser: English teacher Maureen Kavanaugh.
––Perrin Stein


What: Students produce an annual art and literature magazine, consisting of student creative writing, art, photography and music.
When: Sunday nights from 7 to 9 at editors’ houses.
Goal: “To showcase student talent and artwork for the school, parents and the community,” said senior Sophie Kaplan, an editor-in-chief.
Officers: Kaplan and senior Malini Gandhi are editors-in-chief.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano.
––Khloe Webb

Tiger Friends

What: Students raise money for charity groups, through bake sales.
When: Thursday X-blocks in 453.
Goal: “To help those in need,” said junior Sami Santo, an officer.
Officers: Santo and junior Sheela Jacobson.
Advisers: Science teacher Michael Hazeltine.
––Perrin Stein

Tiger Tube

What: Students make videos for sporting and theatre events, the school community and the Tiger Tube channel.
When: Every day after school in 260 and 262.
Goal: “To use film production as a medium for student expression,” said senior Johnny Medlar, the officer.
Adviser: English teacher Neil Giordano.
—Douglas Abrams

Tutors in Action

What: Members tutor fifth graders at Cabot Elementary School, focusing on helping students with math homework.
When: Mondays from 3 to 4 at Cabot.
Goal: “To help the students with their homework in a way that they will understand,” said sophomore Kimberly Ng, an officer.
Officers: Ng and sophomore Lucine Bolyan.
Adviser: Guidance counselor Darby Verre.
––David Kwartler

Ultimate Frisbee

What: Students practice and compete in Ultimate Frisbee matches.
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school at Cabot Elementary School in the fall. Every day after school at Burr Elementary School in the spring.
Goal: “To give students the opportunity to learn Ultimate Frisbee and to play competitively,” said senior Alec Zabrecky, an officer.
Officers: Zabrecky and senior Nick Roberts.
Adviser: Science teacher Matt Anderson.
––Jackson Wade

Up Close: Local Government

What: Students meet and discuss local issues that interest them.
When: Bimonthly meetings at a time and location to be determined.
Goals: “To provide a club for busy students interested in and passionate about local affairs,” said junior Steven Kelly, an officer.
Officers: Kelly and junior Russel Petry.
Adviser: History and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone.
––Perrin Stein

Yako Connections

What: Students write letters to, raise money for and send supplies to students who attend the Yako school in Burkino Faso.
When: Once a month in 266.
Goals: “To help kids in Burkina Faso and to open students’ eyes to other places in the world,” said French teacher Fiona Blyth, the adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
––Leah Budson

Young Libertarians Club

What: Students discuss aspects of libertarianism.
When: Wednesdays after school in 270.
Goals: “To help provide an open forum for student debate on current events and to converse about modern libertarian thought,” said junior Riley Heiman, an officer.
Officers: Heiman and junior Alex Feit.
Adviser: English teacher Tom Fabian.
—Perrin Stein