Club officers discuss advertising techniques

The Newtonite

[media-credit name=”Julia Moss” align=”alignnone” width=”480″] Club Day, which will be held Thursday X-block in the cafeteria, is an opportunity for club officers to advertise their clubs.

by Julia Moss

This school has over 70 clubs, and students are constantly creating new ones. With so many to choose from, deciding which clubs to join can be difficult for some students. It is up to club officers to win students over and convince them to join their clubs.

It turns out that club officers use many interesting strategies to advertise their clubs, from providing enticing candy at Club Day to holding a tie-dying station in the cafeteria.

Gay Straight Alliance

To advocate for its cause and to promote new members, the Gay Straight Alliance organizes events throughout the year. According to senior Amelia Goldstein, an officer with sophomore Leah Budson, some of these events include the Day of Action, Day of Silence and even a tie-dying day.

“At these events we give out stickers, candy and pamphlets for our cause and have people dress in spirit,” Goldstein said. “We also hold school-wide assemblies and movie screenings every so often, which we hope will get a few people to join. And, sometimes, we bring in really good food, which has been known to bring in a kids.”

Hiking club

The hiking club also uses creative techniques to appeal to new members. According to junior Eliana Gevelber, an officer with junior Jesse Metzger, the hiking club tries to “stand out from the rest at Club Day” to draw in newcomers.

“We stand out by wearing gigantic frame packs and displaying various hiking gear at Club Day,” Gevelber explained. “We’re even thinking about running some sort of game as part of our setup.”

She added that food has been a “huge motivator” for potential hiking club members. “For hiking club, delicious, nutritious food is essential to happy hikers,” she said.

“To lure prospective members into the club, we flaunt our delicious food. From s’mores-style french toast (science teacher Ann Dannenberg’s specialty) on hiking overnights, to honey sesame coated cashews and coconut-chocolate blondies, we want interested students to know that hikes are well equipped! We are serious hikers, serious eaters and know how to have a good time.”

Jewish Student Union

Senior Caroline Nunberg, an officer of the Jewish Student Union with senior Jordan Robins, tries to attract members with fun giveaways at Club Day and promises of free food at club meetings. “I usually get people to join JSU by telling them about the club. I tell them we get free pizza, play games and have interesting discussions,” she said.

“To advertise, flyers usually go up, we invite people to a group on Facebook and post on it a bunch. During Club Day, we go to the cafeteria and have our table set up, and we give away things like lanyards, water bottles and candy.”

In addition, Nunberg said she tries to meet the requests of potential members.

While of course there is more to clubs at this school than good food and visual displays, advertising is an important way of engaging students in clubs, so they can become involved and make a difference in this school. Club Day is Thursday, so make sure to get involved in the club that is right for you, while also enjoying the games, candy and posters.