Seniors play in last season at this school

The Newtonite

by Kristian Lundberg
Spring Athletic Awards Night brought out the usual congregation of student-athletes dressed either in orangish team spirit shirts or, for those more fashionably inclined, semi-semi-formal button-downs and khaki shorts.
Judging by the attire, the event was a night for celebration, and indeed there was much to celebrate.
The spring teams had compiled one of the strongest seasons in recent memory, earning a 98-35-2 record for an astounding winning percentage of .726.
All nine teams had advanced to the postseason, including a state championship for both track squads. And, perhaps most saliently in the minds of some in the audience, there were approximately 15 hours left in the seniors’ high school career.
So for the 50 or so senior student-athletes in attendance Tuesday, May 29, this Awards Night was going to be their last. Considering that less than 10 percent of all high school athletes go on to play in college, according to NCAA estimates, for many seniors 15 years’ worth of organized sports were essentially culminating with this ceremony.
To its credit, this Awards Night valiantly attempted to bring closure to four years of athletic achievement by the Class of 2012. Principal Jennifer Price and athletic director Tom Giusti both spoke about the mark the seniors would leave on the school. A plethora of scholarships and individual awards were handed out.
Seniors were brought on stage, honored and wished well in their future endeavors.
But meanwhile, the scent of unfinished business percolated throughout the auditorium.
By no means was the spring season over—yet. Boys’ volleyball, boys’ lacrosse and girls’ lacrosse had a tripleheader of home playoff games Wednesday.
Softball started its postseason campaign Saturday, baseball traveled to Lexington Thursday boys’ and girls’ tennis played their respective first round matches Friday and Saturday. Giusti ended his introduction of all but the track squads, whose state championships were already won, by encouraging the audience to watch the upcoming games.
Though it was still a night of celebration and reflection, joy had largely superseded sentimental tears as the emotion of choice. Instead of looking back, the student-athletes recognized during this event were, for now, gazing straight ahead, anticipating their next contest. The finish line was briskly approaching, but it could be delayed for as long as there was another date circled on the calendar.
Today, the seniors were rightly celebrated for their contributions to the school community and their achievements throughout their athletic careers.
Tomorrow, they have work to do.
For earning at least seven varsity letters, plaques were given to seniors:

  • Alison Berkowitz
  • Michael Bradley
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Katie Caruso
  • Jacqueline Comstock
  • Kayla Farina
  • Isaac Feinhaus
  • Leah Greene
  • Lucia Grigoli
  • Young Guang
  • Jenny Hamilton
  • Maggie Heffernan
  • Ben Howard
  • Justin Keefe
  • Swardiq Mayanja
  • Isabel Meigs
  • Nate Menninger
  • Sarah Perlo
  • Allie Phillips
  • Kayla Prior
  • Marlon Rainville
  • Katie Regan
  • Michela Salvucci
  • Lauren Smith
  • Parker Swiston
  • Michael Thorpe
  • Rebecca Trayner
  • Miller McCarthy-Tuohy
  • Luke Westman
  • Stephanie Vitone
  • Kayla Wong
  • Allison Wu