Mass Interview: Seniors recall favorite memories of this school

The Newtonite

by Connor Vasu
Graduation is a time to look back and reflect on four important years of one’s life. Members of the Class of 2012 do just that by recounting their favorite memories and experiences.
Laura Cooke said, “My experience has been great.
“My upperclassmen years were better than my first two years because I got involved in sports.
“I also got to know a lot of people as the president of the school orchestra and that helped.”
Ilana Greenstein said, “North was difficult because the classes were hard, but has been formative because I am now ready to go out into the world.”
Alyssa Kaplan said, “My experience at North has been great. The old building had a ton of personality because people had been adding to it for all the years it existed.
“Even so, in the new building, the technology is amazing, and the Library Learning Commons has a great atmosphere.”
Ben Kaufman said, “Newton North has let me do anything I want to do, and it has encouraged me to get involved in extracurriculars, such as music, which something I really enjoy.”
Ian Mark said, “The transition to the new school went pretty well, and the lack of substitute teachers is awesome. I also love the unnecessary interactive white boards in every room. The technology, in general, is nice.
“I think the best thing is how tolerant everyone is, no one really gets bullied.”
Katharine Norris said, “I really enjoyed my experience at Newton North.
“I found that I was able to integrate myself into the community well.”
Ben Salwen said, “Newton North has provided me with a nurturing environment where I have been able to learn and grow both academically and as a person.
“I have had amazing teachers who not only challenged me to think, but were really cool people as well. I’ve made friends that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life and memories that I know will never fade.”