Safe Rides discontinues services

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills

Susan Linn and Kathy Marchi, who are the co-directors of Safe Rides, a program that provides rides to students who are in potentially unsafe situations, recently annonced that the service will be discontinued starting Saturday, June 16 due to a lack of utilization.
However, the letter sent out to parents said that the “need for students to have transportation home late at night will continue to be a need for some teens and families.” The letter also explained that Veteran’s Cab will be setting up a program in the fall for customers “to set up a ‘pay as you go’ style account,” in which a flat fee can be paid in advance and used as needed.
The letter concludes by encouraging parents to continue to speak with their teens about safe driving and avoiding dangerous situations and behaviors.“The Newton Partnership cares deeply about the health and safety of youth,” it said.