Graduates present customized topiary as senior gift

The Newtonite

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The Class of 2012 donated bushes, which spell “NNHS.” The topiary is located next to the multi-purpose field.

by Amanda Hills
Overlooking the multi-purpose field are bushes that say “NNHS.” The Class of 2012 funded the installation of the bushes in order to leave its mark on this school, according to senior class president Jon Paul Roby.
“I think they are a great addition to the beauty of this school,” he said. “It showcases the pride we all have to be students at this school, and it is a gift that everyone will like.
“There was nothing on that hill, and many people see that hill because it is the backdrop for all games that take place on the multi-purpose field and all graduation ceremonies,” he said.
Vice president Stephanie Brown thought of this idea, according to Roby.
Vice president Ivan Wolyniec said that the class officers had to get approval from the Newton Public Schools to make sure that there would be no issues about the project’s upkeep and that it would not be disruptive to this school’s neighboring houses.
Special education teacher Nicole Franchi, a senior class adviser with special education teacher Grace Nicolazzo, said that the bushes are comprised of 50 individual shrubs.
She continued that the City was concerned that the funding for the bushes would run short, so the class drew up a plan in which each graduating class is encouraged to put aside $500 to contribute to the maintenance of the bushes. This will not necessarily count as each class’ gift.
“The bushes are a really good idea and they show how well the Class of 2012 works together,” Franchi said.
Wolyniec concluded, “All in all, we hope that our gift will be a sight to inspire students for many years to come.”