Guest Column: Consider joining a sports team

The Newtonite

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Sophomore Caroline Lafleche and junior Lizzie Beers practice for an upcoming game.

by Bennett Kaplan

Go for it. Play that sport you may be hesitant about trying.

Sports teams are beneficial because students meet others who share similar interests, students become physically fit and they learn how to better play a game.

On sports teams, one can make friendships with people with common interests, especially with upperclassmen. Meeting upperclassmen is beneficial because it helps underclassmen get to know this school better.
Another reason to play a sport is because of the exercise. Practically all sports teams practice every day of the school week. Because of this, they foster an atmosphere of hard work and dedication to the team. After a full season of a sport, students are likely in better shape and more motivated to exercise on a regular basis.
Finally, sports are advantageous because they improve a student’s individual game. Playing and gaining valuable instruction from coaches and even from peers help to improve a student’s skills. It does not matter if the student if a student is on a varsity, a JV or a freshman team because there is always room for improvement at any level.
To get fit, make friends and become better at a sport, join a sports team. So, when you decide whether or not you want to play a sport, go for it because it is highly beneficial.