Season proves to be learning experience for JV girls' lacrosse

The Newtonite

by David Kwartler
Hosting its Brookline rival, JV girls’ lacrosse won 6-3 on Tuesday, May 8, bringing the team’s record to 3-8.

Because there is no freshman team this year, the JV team is almost entirely composed of freshmen, according to coach Anna McKenzie. “We have a number of girls who are new to the sport, while others played in middle school.  The team has improved dramatically since the beginning of the season,“ said McKenzie.

The team lost the first five games of the season but has since won three of its last six games. “Considering that this is basically a freshman team competing against JV teams, that is not too bad,” said McKenzie.

According to freshman Kat Kansell, a captain with freshman Sonia Khurana, “The team is growing stronger as the season proceeds, and we are learning a ton. The team has a good attitude and is good at getting the ball down the field, working as a team and supporting each other.”

According to McKenzie, “Our midfield units are strong, and our defense is improving. The girls really play as a team and support one another. Since many of the girls are new to the sport, they still need a lot of work. We also need to be smarter about our shot selection.”
The team needs to work to have less shots taken against them and to take more good shots themselves, according to Hansell. “Our goal is to grow as a team and compete at a higher skill level than we have before,” said Hansell.

“We are really focusing on improvement.  This season is about learning the sport and preparing girls to move on and play at the varsity level,” said McKenzie.