Student union construction officially begins

The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo

Over the past several weeks, the Student Faculty Administration has been bustling with activity as it continues to construct the new student union in the cafeteria and as it continues to debate new proposals.

Prior to vacation, the SFA wrapped up one of its most successful stretches so far this year, producing a plan to develop the student union, which is going to be located in the section of the cafeteria closest to the college and career center.
The SFA ordered a sample set of two stools and a table, which were selected by the student union subcommittee and are currently located near the television in the future Student Union. The PTSO is funding the furniture.
Carpentry teacher Garrett Tingle and his students will also build a countertop that will divide the student union from the rest of the cafeteria, according to English teacher and librarian Kevin McGrath.

SFA members are encouraging students to test out the sample furniture. “We’ll spread the word and get as much feedback as possible,” McGrath said.

Wednesday afternoon, SFA members started to paint the student union. They plan to continue painting the area and developing the student union in the coming weeks.