Greengineers hope to pedal power graduation

The Newtonite

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The Greengineers use a bike-powered blender to make a smoothie. They are working on manipulating this design to bike-power the Moving On Ceremony.

by Amanda Hills
Greengineering students are exploring the possibility of bike-powering the Public Announcement system for this year’s Moving On Ceremony, according to English teacher and chief innovation officer Stephen Chinosi.
He said that if successful, this school will have one of the first pedal-powered graduations in the country.
The Greengineers are currently working to build a prototype of the system, which requires both electrical equipment and mechanical equipment, such as stationary bikes, wheels, turning axles and motors, according to Chinosi.
Senior Sam Green and junior Benjamin Smith are designing the electric system, and senior Austin Dadmun is constructing the mechanical system.
If the Greengineers are unable to construct a successful prototype by two weeks from now, Chinosi said that the Greengineers will not be using pedal power at this year’s Moving On Ceremony.
“It’s an amazing idea,” Chinosi said.