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Faculty members recount school superlatives

[media-credit name=”Julia Moss” align=”alignleft” width=”276″]Kid with big books[/media-credit]

The thickest textbook at this school has 1247 pages.

by Julia Moss

Biggest textbook: Biology, at 1247 pages.
English teacher and librarian Kevin McGrath said, “This textbook is so heavy, which might be why people leave it where they read it, instead of putting it back like they’re supposed to. Someone could definitely get injured if they dropped it on his toe.”
Most common infraction: Cutting class.
“Cutting class is the most typical thing students do,” Riley Housemaster Mark Aronson said. “It’s boring, but that’s what it is. When kids cut class, they will get detention and their family is contacted. If they cut class repeatedly, they could N-out of the class or get an in-school suspension.”
Most dangerous science experiment: Energy Transfer Demonstration
In the fall of 2010, a seemingly harmless energy transfer experiment in a freshman physics class almost ended in disaster. The experiment showed the transfer of heat to light and sound as a bottle full of alcohol was heated and caused a small explosion. Everything was going smoothly until the bottle spilled, setting the floor on fire. According to science teacher Ann Dannenberg, the teacher of this class, “Any experiment like this involving fire or explosions can go horribly wrong.” Fortunately, the fire was put out quickly and no one was hurt.
Longest a library book has been overdue: 14 years
According to McGrath, someone took out a book in the ’90s and did not return it until last year.
Most Common Illness: “School-Phobia”
According to nurse Kathleen Walsh, “School-Phobia” is the most common illness at this school. Walsh said, “Kids are scared of school. They often come to the health office because of this, and they hide in the bathroom and in the beds. Even though this is in the mind, not the body, it’s a real illness and very common.”

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