Column: School should offer X-block gym

The Newtonite

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Freshmen play an intense game of water volleyball during a freshman core physical education/health and wellness class.

by Douglas Abrams and Gloria Li

A.M. Swim is a solution for students who have overcrowded schedules. It is a course that begins at 7 a.m. twice a week. This extremely early start time is not conducive to learning.

This school should offer an X-block physical education/health and wellness class in addition to A.M. Swim. This class would both allow students to meet the physical education/health and wellness graduation requirement and to take a class during a time in which they are not groggy.

A.M. Swim is riddled with issues including but not limited to early start times and a gross sweaty wet feeling that many students feel for the remainder of the day. This feeling can be so strong that it can be detrimental to academic performance.

In addition, the early start time means that students do not get as much sleep as they would, if they did not have to attend the class. Because students have to wake up early to attend A.M. Swim, they are likely tired for the rest of the day. As a result, they may have trouble concentrating during other classes.

By having a physical education/health and wellness class during X-block, students would not have to worry about rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn to get ready for school.

Also, because X-block is already built into the schedule, it would not be a hassle for most students to take attend a class during this time. In fact, classes, such as Jazz Ensemble, currently meet during X-block.

Having a physical education/health and wellness class during X-block would offer students with overcrowded schedules more options that do not hinder their academic performance.