Gay-Straight Alliance organizes Days of Silence, Action

The Newtonite

[media-credit id=35 align=”alignnone” width=”300″]The Day of Silence calls attention to people silenced for their sexual or gender identity, orientation or expression.[/media-credit]

The Gay-Straight Alliance will hold the Day of Silence and the Day of Action next week. The days call attention to people who have struggled as a result of their sexual or gender identity, orientation or expression.

by Amanda Hills
Wednesday, the Gay-Straight Alliance will host a Day of Silence, during which participants will remain silent all day. Two days later, the club will host the Day of Action Friday, during which members will distribute literature on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual and queer community, according to Spanish teacher Daniel Fabrizio, the adviser.
He said that on the Day of Silence, participating students will wear stickers that say “silent,” as well as carry around a card explaining the reason for their silence.
He added that students who do not wish to remain silent but still want to show their support can wear stickers that say “ally” on them. These stickers were distributed at yesterday’s mandatory X-block meeting in the little theatre for all who were interested. Students who are interested can also receive a sticker from Fabrizio or a GSA member between now and the day of the event.
Fabrizio said that the goal of the Day of Silence is for “students and teachers at this school to be inspired to help the marginalized members of the GLBTQ community to find a voice.”
He said that the club hopes that “by drawing attention to this silence, the community will realize how prevalent the issue is.”
A list of participating students will be distributed to teachers prior to the day, and it will be based on those who signed up at yesterday’s X-block meeting, according to Fabrizio.
Friday, GSA members will sponsor a Day of Action. Fabrizio said that they will distribute literature that informs students and faculty about “how to be a supportive ally” and explain how to handle GLBTQ-related issues. It will respond to the message that the Day of Silence hopes to convey.
Fabrizio said that the GSA began planning these days before April vacation. He also said that although these days did not take place last year, they have been held in previous years at this school, Bigelow and Day.