Honor soldiers, appreciate their admirable work

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills
There has not been a draft in this country since ’73. Since then, we have had an all-volunteer military.
During World War II, when going into the military was obligatory for all qualifying men in the United States, soldiers were treated as heroes.
Old war films depict these men as the country’s saviors and capture how they were truly admired for their bravery. They are shown as being adored by the people and are displayed as courageous, tough and valiant.
But now, our soldiers are not recognized as much as they used to be. Sure, we may hang our country’s flag on Veteran’s Day and make donations towards our troops, but those are superficial gestures.
Our country does not generally express appreciation for our soldiers the way we did 70 years ago.
We take it for granted that our country does not need to have a mandatory draft. We should not downplay how huge that is––we should be thankful that enough men and women have volunteered to supply this country with a stable military and fulfill all of its military duties.
Let’s say you have always dreamt of starting your own business. But then,  your country calls upon you to join the military. Your plans have just been derailed. Imagine if all those people had not willingly decided to protect our country and how different your life might be. It has tough to imagine living in a country where going into the army after high school is the norm.
Our troops are slowly returning home to us. And as they cross onto U.S. soil, each and every one needs to be treated like the hero he or she is. Do not take any soldier for granted––appreciate all they have done for our country.