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Editorial: Connecting with teachers contributes to success, positive memories

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A student talks to her teacher about a homework assignment. Forming a relationship with your teachers, can lead to success.

Ask any adult if he remembers a specific teacher from high school, and he will most likely name one–a teacher with whom he connected and by whom he was assisted.

Motivated teachers can inspire students to be excited about a subject and want to learn. Motivated students can occasionally do the same for teachers.
According to a 2011 study by Education Week, students with a highly-rated teacher perform better on standardized tests, and students with an under-performing teacher score lower on those same standardized tests.
This is why teacher-student relationships are so important. They help students progress academically.
If a students asks a teacher for help on a homework assignment, the teacher will likely be more willing to explain the problem if the student routinely comes in during X-block. This relationship provides students with more opportunities to learn because the teacher would be more open to giving help.
If a student forgets his homework one day, the teacher would likely give him the benefit of the doubt because the teacher and the student worked together on previous occasions.
Teachers can understand students’ learning styles much better once students get to know their teachers. Knowing how students learn, can help teachers teach better and help them teach with a more personalized approach.
Developing a relationship with a teacher is important because it can lead to better learning and better teaching. When students look back on their high school years, they will inevitably remember the relationships they developed with favorite teachers.

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