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Column: Bad habits follow you through life

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Freshman Elena Rodriguez does math homework during study hall. Creating good study habits in high school is important to future success.

by Connor Vasu
When your test results come back, do you immediately bite your nails?
What you may not realize is that bad habits, like nail-bitting, often start in high school and that these bad habits can only cause problems in the long run.

Throughout life, people develop routine and personal habits. Many of these habits, for better or for worse, begin in high school.

For example, drinking a cup of coffee every morning in high school and throughout college can lead to many over-caffeinated nights 30 years from now.

Even something as simple as finishing your homework on time affect you throughout life. Handing in homework assignments and projects on time might lead to keeping up with deadlines at work.

Similarly, not getting enough exercise while you are a teenager may lead to an overweight adulthood, which could lead to medical problems.

Breaking bad habits, from watching too much television to drinking at parties can be incredibly difficult. It can take a long time to break a bad habit, which is why you should be careful not to develop one in high school.

A small poor decision may lead to a series of bad ones. Drinking one beer could lead to drinking every month. This could in turn lead to consuming alcohol every week, and can then become a devastating habit.

Many habits, however inconsequential they may seem now, begin at a young age. Because habits are difficult to break, students should realize that the habits they develop now directly impact their futures.

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