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RRC Review: Disney classics 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'The Lion King' remade in three dimensions

by Rosanna Gessel-Larson, Rachel Kronberg and Carina Wallack

RRC Review is a review column that encompasses various forms of media including movies, books and music.

Wait…didn’t I already see that movie? Recently, many movies that came out years ago have been returning to theaters. How are these movies different from the originals? Many of them are in three dimensions.

Movie-lovers flock to theaters to see their favorite movies remade in 3D. Watching movies in 3D is truly a unique experience.

However, many people wonder if it’s worth paying to attend a movie that they have already seen in the past. What does 3D add to the movie watching experience?

We were lucky enough to watch two classic Disney movies in 3D: Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Both movies are brought to life by the 3D element, and this advanced effect makes the action-packed sections especially exciting. Giving viewers the sensation that they are actually in the film, 3D makes going to the movies far more interesting than watching them in the old-fashioned 2D way.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is an animated Disney movie recently relaunched in theaters in 3D. Based on the traditional French fairytale, it is the love story of a young woman, Belle, and a prince who has been turned into a beast. The beast must capture Belle’s heart in order to transform back into a prince.

Both in the original version and in 3D, the plot of Beauty in the Beast is overdone and predictable.  It is the typical search for true love in the face of adversity. However, unlike most stories where the adversity is a social or economic issue, in Beauty and the Beast, it is an issue of different species. Overdone and painfully exaggerated, the plot just didn’t do it for us. In addition, we had hoped that Belle would be more real.  Although viewers can practically touch her hand, Belle is not well developed as a character and therefore this did not add any excitement to the overall movie experience.

Rating: 3 stars

The Lion King

The Lion King is an adventure story that focuses on a young lion prince named Simba as he matures to adulthood.  Along the way, Simba meets a warthog and a meerkat who become his companions and guide him as he struggles against his evil uncle Scar to in the hopes to become king of the animals.

The movie creates an enchanting and tangible world for the viewer.  In a stampede caused by his uncle’s cruel minions, Simba is severely injured. In the original film, this scene is memorable as being one of the most heart-racing moments. When watched in the 3D, it is even more suspenseful, and we felt as though we were being trampled along with Simba. Between the colors, the surround sound and the almost touchable characters, the viewers can practically taste the arid desert sand and feel the baking sun on their backs. Overall, the 3D effects allow viewers to take part in this classic movie on a level that has never been possible before.

Rating: 4.5 stars

So, is it worth the $12 to see a movie again in 3D? It depends on the movie. Unless you loved the original version of Beauty in the Beast, you might want to save your money. However, If you’re thinking about heading out to see The Lion King in 3D, go for it. You will likely find yourself sucked into the movie in a way you never were before.

Warning: Though seeing 3D movies is incredibly fun, some people may experience nausea or headaches.

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