• Jackie Gong

    Editor in Chief: Jackie Gong is a sophomore at North. Outside of the Newtonite, she enjoys reading, swimming, running, and watching television. Her favorite show is Parks and Recreation. At home, she cares for her five pet hens named Tina Fey, Eloise, Duchess, Oyster Cracker, and Saltine Cracker.

  • Maya Metser

    Editor in Chief: Maya is a junior at North, and this is her third volume working on The Newtonite. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, running, reading, and watching Netflix. She plays tennis for North in the spring. She loves to travel to warm places, especially to Israel and Florida. Maya is thrilled to be co-Editor in Chief for Volume 95!

  • Michael Tang

    Technology Manager:Michael is a sophomore at Newton North and currently the technology manager.

  • Nathan Persampieri

    Graphics manager: Nathan is a freshman at Newton North. His interests in graphic arts include logo design, page layout, and the layout of photoshopped images. Outside of the Newtonite, he is involved in Theater Ink. He made his debut in Freshman Cabaret. He will also be a Student Producer for “Oliver”, the spring musical in March. Nathan continually seeks out other opportunities to be involved in theater. He also enjoys singing, drawing, traveling, and making travel videos. Nathan is excited to be part of the Newtonite team!

  • Valeria Dountcheva

    Graphics manager: Valeria, a sophomore at North, is co-graphics manager at The Newtonite. She is not great at expressing herself through words and prefers conveying a message by creating an image. She also relishes in thoroughly doodling over every assignment she is given. Valeria recently picked up on playing guitar and penny-boarding which keep her busy. Never being able to stay in a dull environment, Valeria is excited to join The Newtonite’s lively staff.

  • Ophelia Baxter

    Business and Advertising manager: Ophelia is a freshman and is excited for the rest of the year. She played field hockey in the fall at North and continues with other sports throughout the year. She has two sisters and likes to watch movies and bake with them. She really likes to bake deserts like lemon squares or cookies. Her favorite thing to do when she isn't at school is to go to the beach and be in the water.

  • Devin Perlo

    Photography manager: Devin is thrilled to be joining The Newtonite for its 95th Volume as co-Photography manager! A junior here at North, he is the third of four Perlo siblings and has lived a stone's throw from the building all his life. If not working on The Newtonite, you can probably find him in the Theatre Ink office, serving as both a Student Producer Coordinator and as a stage manager. An active member of student government, he is a representative for the school's Student-Faculty Administration and one of four Vice Presidents for the Class of 2017. Beyond photography and theatre, he enjoys playing piano, cooking, hiking, and traveling, and also happens to be an expert limbo dancer. He cannot wait to share his love for photography and to contribute his work to The Newtonite!

  • Tali Falk-Judson

    News editor: Naftali is a freshman at North. He enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. He lives with his mom, dad and two younger sisters. He still believes the Celtics can win the championship this year.

  • Josh Shub-Seltzer

    Managing editor of media: Joshua is excited to be returning to The Newtonite for his third volume as Managing Editor of Media. He is also excited to announce the new social media position and help implement it at the paper. He is currently a junior at North. Outside of The Newtonite, he is a photo major student as well as taking part in Theatre Ink productions onstage as well as off-stage as the Props Coordinator. He also is a writer for The Fig and runs Humans of Newton North. Outside of school Josh works as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the YMCA. In his free time he ponders the best way to end an about me blurb.

  • Will Kharfen

    Blogs staff Will is a freshman at North. He loves sports, especially baseball, traveling, music, and spending time with friends and family. Will is blog editor where he writes about significant events in sports news. In the future, he hopes to become a sports analyst, writer, or general manager of a sports team. When he is older, he also hopes to travel a ton.

  • Amy Morrill

    Managing editor: Amy is a sophomore and is excited to continue on The Newtonite. She was on the girls' swim and dive team in the fall, and continues to swim competitively. Her other interests include singing, tennis, and guitar. She lives with her mom, dad, younger sister, two cats, and puppy.

  • Adam Clements

    Opinions and Social Media editor: Adam is currently a sophomore at North. In his free time, he enjoys listening to and making music, playing sports, and creating visual art. He is commonly known for his extensive appreciation for the music of Kanye West. Also, he loves food, Canadian culture, and vinyl records. He lives in Newton Corner with his parents and two siblings.

  • Hannah Liu

    Arts editor: Hannah is a freshman who is excited to be an arts editor because she enjoys watching theatre. She also enjoys watching movies and her favorite movies include: Heist, Hitman:Agent 47, The Revenant, and Taken. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading, badminton, and going on road trips. She has lived in New Zealand, Australia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Newton with her family.

  • Wendy Li

    Freelance editor and Photo manager: Wendy likes to read, write, and do photography and film in her spare time. She loves rain and hates snow. She loves turtles but hates squirrels. Wendy never wears a matching pair of socks if she can help it.

  • Maya Waldman

    On Campus editor: Maya, a freshman at Newton North, is thrilled to be joining the Newtonite. In her free time Maya likes to travel and learn about unique cultures. Snowboarding is a hobby of Maya's as well as mock trial club. A large part of Maya's time is spent on stage, as she enjoys participating in many of North's drama productions. Maya looks forward to a year of hard work and strong successes!

  • Samantha Fredberg

    News editor: Samantha is currently a freshman. In her free time, she plays on the field hockey and tennis teams at North, and participates in Model UN. Samantha enjoys skiing with her family in the winter and sailing with them in the summer on Martha's Vineyard. On weekends, Samantha loves hanging out with friends, running, and playing with her dog Raya.

  • Lucy Lu

    Features editor: Lucy is a sophomore at North and is working on the Newtonite for her second volume. In addition to being on the paper, she enjoys reading, playing piano, baking, and running track and field. She is also interested in the environment and is a member of North’s Envirothon team. In the future, she hopes to travel as much as she can, but for now, Lucy is so excited to write features for the Newtonite!

  • Laura Schmidt-Hong

    Talk of the Tiger editor: Laura is a freshman at North. She moved to Newton last year and lives there with her parents and younger sister. In her free time, she enjoys reading and baking. She also likes to travel and has visited Germany and China, among other destinations. Aside from writing for the Newtonite, she is part of North's Science Team and Girls' Coding Club.

  • Rose Bostwick

    Managing editor: Rose is currently a sophomore at North. She is very excited for her second volume on the Newtonite, and she is now managing Arts and Talk of the Tiger. Outside of writing for the Newtonite, Rose plays soccer and does indoor and outdoor track. Other hobbies include playing piano, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

  • Nour Chahboun

    Arts Editor: Nour is currently a sophomore. She went to Bigelow Middle School. She enjoys partaking in theatre productions and running track. She also speaks French, and is very excited about learning Spanish throughout high school. Nour is very thrilled about being arts editor.

  • Jake Sims Speyer

    Managing editor: Jacob is a junior at North. He is an enthusiastic editor at The Newtonite and enjoys working with his co-editors. He is very excited for Volume 95. In addition, Jacob participates in Model United Nations, Debate, Squash, and enjoys rock climbing.

  • Emily Moss

    Managing editor: Emily is a junior at North. Now in her third year on the Newtonite, Emily particularly enjoys writing investigative pieces. She has explored topics ranging from the Common Core State Standards to synthetic turf to the Newton Teachers’ Contract. In addition to writing, Emily loves working with kids and tutors at an elementary school in Boston. She is also interested in foreign relations and is a member of Model UN at North.

  • Blake Krantz

    Managing editor: Blake is a junior at North and tries to be a hardworking student in all of his classes. Since he was a kid, sports have been a passion of Blake's, and he plays ice hockey and baseball. Additionally, Blake spends lots of his free time watching sports on TV and spending time with his family. His grandparents live nearby in Brookline, but Blake also has family in Washington DC and Hawaii, who try to visit at least once a year for Thanksgiving.