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  • Camille Bowman

    Camille Bowman

    Editor in Chief: Camille is a senior at North. She enjoys baking, hanging out with friends, and going to concerts. In addition to the school paper, she dances outside of school. In the future, Camille hopes to travel a lot, and her goal is to visit every continent—even Antarctica.

  • Maxwell Kozlov

    Maxwell Kozlov

    Editor in Chief: Maxwell is a junior at North. If he's not in the Newtonite room, you might find him on the soccer field refereeing games, working at the Museum of Science, or working in the Theatre Ink office as a Student Producer Coordinator. He has a passion for science and hopes to pursue that passion in his post-secondary plans.

  • Jessica Tharaud

    Managing editor: Jessica is a junior at North and is currently working on The Newtonite for her second year. Jessica served as an Arts editor for The Newtonite Volume 93 and now oversees Arts, Features, and Opinions/Blogs as Managing editor. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and watching reruns of The Office.

  • Josh Shub-Seltzer

    Josh Shub-Seltzer

    Photography manager, Social Media Coordinator: Joshua is excited to be returning to The Newtonite for his second volume as Photo manager. He is also excited to announce the new social media position and help implement it at the paper. He is a junior at North. Outside of The Newtonite, he is a photo major student as well as taking part in Theatre Ink productions on and off-stage as the Props Coordinator. He also is a writer for The Fig and runs Humans of Newton North.

  • Emily Moss

    Emily Moss

    Features director: Emily is a junior at North. Now in her second year on The Newtonite, Emily particularly enjoys writing news features and other investigative pieces. In addition to writing, she loves working with kids and tutors fourth graders at an after-school program in Boston. She is also interested in foreign relations and is a member of Model UN at North. She spends her free time with family and working on creative projects, such as painting and ceramics.

  • Adam Rabinowitz

    Adam Rabinowitz

    Sports director: Adam is a senior at North. Outside the Newtonite, he is a captain of the debate team. He enjoys watching sports with his friends. He also plays saxophone and enjoys listening to music.

  • Rachel Adamsky

    Rachel Adamsky

    Business manager: Rachel is a junior at North, and this is her second year on The Newtonite. Outside of school she volunteers at Gateways once a week and is a gymnast at Massachusetts Gymnastics Center. She has one younger sister who is a sophomore. She also enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends, and spending time with her family.

  • Astrid Kugener

    Astrid Kugener

    Advertising manager: Astrid is 15 years old and is currently a sophomore at North. She plays volleyball and runs track, in addition to playing the piano. She is also the fifth in eight kids. Her favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

  • Devin Perlo

    Devin Perlo

    Photography manager: Devin is thrilled to be joining The Newtonite for its 94th Volume as co-Photography manager! A junior here at North, he is the third of four Perlo siblings and has lived a stone's throw from the building all his life. If not working on The Newtonite, you can probably find him in the Theatre Ink office, serving as both a Student Producer Coordinator and as a stage manager. An active member of student government, he is a representative for the school's Student-Faculty Administration and one of four Vice Presidents for the Class of 2017. Beyond photography and theatre, he enjoys playing piano, cooking, hiking, and traveling, and also happens to be an expert limbo dancer. He cannot wait to share his love for photography and to contribute his work to The Newtonite!

  • Valeria Dountcheva

    Graphics manager: Valeria, a freshman at North, is co-graphics manager at The Newtonite. She is not great at expressing herself through words and prefers conveying a message by creating an image. She also relishes in thoroughly doodling over every assignment she is given. Valeria recently picked up on playing guitar and penny-boarding which keep her busy. Never being able to stay in a dull environment, Valeria is excited to join The Newtonite’s lively staff.

  • Michael Tang

    Technology Manager:Michael is a freshmen at Newton North and currently the technology manager.

  • Adam Clements

    Opinion/Blogs editor: Adam is currently a sophomore at North. In his free time, he enjoys listening to and making music, playing sports, and creating visual art. He is commonly known for his extensive appreciation for the music of Kanye West. Also, he loves food, Canadian culture, and vinyl records. He lives in Newton Corner with his parents and two siblings.

  • Lucy Lu

    Lucy Lu

    On Campus and Freelance editor: Lucy is a freshman on-campus editor at The Newtonite. In Lucy's free time, she likes playing classical music on the piano and oil painting. Lucy is also an avid adventurer or at least tries to be; she loves the thrill of zip-lining and alpine skiing. In addition to The Newtonite, Lucy enjoys being a part of mock trial and math team. Apart from her hobbies, rainy nights spent at home and hot chocolate on snowy days are among Lucy's favorite things. In the future, Lucy hopes to travel around the world and immerse herself in cultures different from what she usually experiences.

  • Amy Morrill

    Amy Morrill

    Arts editor: Amy is a sophomore and is excited to be on The Newtonite. She was on the girls' swim and dive team in the fall, and continues to swim competitively. Her other interests include singing, tennis, and piano. She lives with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Amy is especially interested in being an arts editor because she enjoys theatre and the arts.

  • Isabel Joyce

    Isabel Joyce

    Opinion/Blogs editor: Isabel Joyce is a junior at North. She is a cellist in the Orchestra with musical experiences as a student at the NEC. Isabel holds dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. As a member of USRowing Isabel has enjoyed the last 2 years rowing with the Girls Varsity team at Community Rowing Inc. and is taking a sabbatical this semester. She enjoys babysitting for a neighborhood family of 3 young children and is looking forward to bringing her participation in volume 93 as well as other community experiences to the Newtonite for volume 94!

  • Cate Waters

    Cate Waters

    News editor: Cate is one of the news editors and is currently a sophomore. In her free time, she likes to write, draw, and bake, all of which have been a big part of her life from a young age, thanks to her parents. Cate isn't one who likes to sit still. Physical activity is always an easy way for her to relax. Year-round, she participates in a combination of rowing, coxing and running.

  • Jackie Gong

    Jackie Gong

    News editor: Jackie is a sophomore. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, watching television, and running. She also enjoys caring for her six pet hens named Tina Fey, Duchess, Saltine Cracker, Oyster Cracker, Eloise, and Lucille Ball. Her superpower would be flying.

  • Nour Chahboun

    Nour Chahboun

    Talk of the Tiger editor: Nour is currently a freshman. She went to Bigelow Middle School. She enjoys partaking in theatre productions and running track. She also speaks French, and is very excited about learning Spanish throughout high school. Nour is very thrilled about being the Talk of the Tiger editor.

  • Rose Bostwick

    Rose Bostwick

    Arts editor: Rose is a freshman and lives in Newton with her mom, dad, and younger sister Tessa. She likes to read and play piano and soccer. She also likes going to movies and concerts, and hanging out with her friends and her beautiful cat.

  • Maya Metser

    Maya Metser

    Features editor: Maya is a sophomore at Newton North. This is her second volume working on the Newtonite. She has 2 brothers and a sister, and has lived in Newton her whole life. She plays tennis and is on the Nordic Ski Team for this school. Her favorite vacation spots are Miami and Israel. She also enjoys reading, running, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Maya Abou-Rizk

    Maya Abou-Rizk

    Features editor: Maya, a junior, has been on the Newtonite for three years. She began as a staff writer, then became Arts editor, and is now Features editor. When not in school, Maya plays the piano, dances at Joanne Langione, and volunteers at an independent living center where she leads bingo games. Maya is Lebanese and Argentinian and enjoys traveling and exploring other cultures.

  • Andrew Mannix

    Andrew Mannix

    Sports editor: Andrew is a senior here at North. Outside of The Newtonite he participates in Marathon Club and works at Wegmans. He's been very passionate about sports watching sports games as early as age two. Writing and sports are two things that he greatly enjoys which is why he's looking forward to being sports editor for his third and final year on the paper.

  • Blake Krantz

    Blake Krantz

    Sports editor: Blake is a junior at North and tries to be a hardworking student in all of his classes. Since he was a kid, sports have been a passion of Blake's, and he plays ice hockey and baseball. Additionally, Blake spends lots of his free time watching sports on TV and spending time with his family. His grandparents live nearby in Brookline, but Blake also has family in Washington DC and Hawaii, who try to visit at least once a year for Thanksgiving.